The “Working Girl’s” Point of View

I almost titled this “Know Your Enemy” but other than being a cute title, it’s really not true. The sex workers are NOT our enemies, although there can be points of contention. But we’ll get to that later. Right now I want to share something with you, namely, a GREAT blog by a retired call […]

Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica

“Magdalena” recounts her life, from her earliest childhood memories to the present, spanning more than forty years. Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica Her earliest recollections are of sleeping on a mat on her grandmother’s dirt floor. When her grandmother dies, she goes to live with her actual mother, whom Magdalena barely knew. […]

Magdalena Begins Working at the Park Hotel

The following is part of a book I am working on with “Magdalena” about her life, an autobiography of sorts, translated and edited by yours truly. After my divorce, I was 15 with a baby daughter. I had no education and other than the months I spent with my husband in a work-barracks, I had […]

Anayeti’s Story

A guy came into the Park Hotel one night and offered to buy me a drink. I didn’t drink back then, I didn’t do drugs either, so I told him he could buy me a soft drink. He said fine, and bought me a Coca Cola. A guy came around selling roses, and he bought […]

Magdelena’s “Childhood”

The following is more of the project I have been working on, the story of the life of “Magdelena,” as she has told it to me. The story is often sad, sometimes funny, sometimes violent and sometimes sexy… all part of the life she has led. The first thing I can remember was when I […]

More than Marlena Could Handle

Here is another excerpt from my project recounting the life of an actual working girl here in Costa Rica. I was sitting at a table the Park Hotel with some of the other girls who worked there, when a gringo came in. Whenever a gringo came in, we’d all pay attention to him, look at […]