Phone Spanish: Setting Up a Date

The video and transcript is intended for those who speak little or no Spanish. My own Spanish is decent but not perfect, so IF your Spanish is better than mine and you find errors, correct me if you must, but really, you don’t need this video or transcript anyway. The basic concept here is to […]

Why Learn Spanish?

It’s pretty obvious on the face of it. Although you can ‘get by’ in Costa Rica with only English and hand gestures, the more Spanish you speak, the better the quality and variety of your experiences are likely to be. Just think about the negotiation process for a moment. Most of the ladies will understand […]

Spanish for Lovers (of Chicas)

There is no question about it, you CAN find a girlfriend (for some portion of an hour) in Costa Rica without speaking Spanish. You can also overpay, get lost, and a number of other things all without knowing a word of the local lingo. Still, most experts agree, and you will run into more experts […]