Thomas Ray O’Brien – Matchmaker

I’ve introduced many a monger to many a working girl over the years. And many mongers have introduced or recommended many working girls to me as well. Certainly two of the best providers I have been with were based on referrals. There are some mongers who never share a chica they like, as if they […]

The Wh0remonger’s H0me C0mpani0n

I would like to present my latest bestseller. Ok, my latest eBook then. Inside you’ll find assorted opinions, tips, observations and information for those interested in ‘the hobby,’ from those who haven’t yet dipped their ‘toe’ in the water to grizzled veterans. I would fall into the latter category, and even though I dole out […]

Screamin’ Maria

In dealing with paid company, you usually don’t get an off the charts reaction. But sometimes… well, I submit this video for your entertainment. The picture isn’t Maria but to do a video I had to use some sort of picture and I thought this chica looked nice enough. I saw Maria for a couple […]

F**k the Gringo

There have always been clip joint strip clubs in San Jose, and as long as there are suckers, (1 born every minute, they say) there will always be. But back in the day there was a pretty clear difference between the clip joints and the “honest” places. I have never been to any of the […]

It Could Have Been You

Or not. You be the judge. A guy I know decided to grab a quick lunchtime ‘massage’ at a local place down in Barrio Lujan. He picked a girl for his ‘massage’ and went back to the room with her. The girl was taking a quick shower and he was sitting on the bed with […]

The MP Go-Round (massage parlor)

This could mean two things. The first is where one of us goes to some massage parlor, doesn’t see his heart’s desire, and moves on to check out another place. Or two… rinse and repeat. Then there is the merry go-round that the chicas do, which, more often than not, is the cause of the […]

Listen to a FREE sample of “Dances…. etc.”

Into Audio Books? Youtube sample chapter from “Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style” Available at I spent many a night waiting for quiet spots between passing motorcycles and garbage trucks to record this thing, then spend hours editing out (virtually) all my f-ups to come up with a three hour audio book. One thing […]

You’re STILL Not in Kansas

Continuing from the last post: …she wants to give you a great massage and blow job… the reflex reaction is the same as back home, but the rational part of the mind says “wait a sec, dude, this is going to cost you.” The next thought is “is this THE girl I want to spend […]