The ‘R’ Word (Relationships)

Regal? Rototiller? Rumplestiltskin? No… the “R” word here is “Relationship.” I don’t much care for the word but it covers a little more territory than “marriage” or “love,” so I’ll use it anyway. When I first came to Costa Rica, I only knew I was looking for female company, which had become very hard to […]

Thomas Ray O’Brien – Matchmaker

I’ve introduced many a monger to many a working girl over the years. And many mongers have introduced or recommended many working girls to me as well. Certainly two of the best providers I have been with were based on referrals. There are some mongers who never share a chica they like, as if they […]

Screamin’ Maria

In dealing with paid company, you usually don’t get an off the charts reaction. But sometimes… well, I submit this video for your entertainment. The picture isn’t Maria but to do a video I had to use some sort of picture and I thought this chica looked nice enough. I saw Maria for a couple […]

A Valentine to Sex Workers

I have lost count of the # of sex workers I have employed and/or gotten to know. It is to the point that sometimes in a bar or brothel I will see someone and have to ask myself if I have been with her before or not. It’s a cliche in books to have one […]

Hallucinations About a Hooker

It was shortly after the crowd had finished ringing in 2015 and had settled back into normal bar-mode. At my table were two working girls. One was the inspiration for my book, “Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica” and the other a tiny and cute young chica I had met a week or […]

The Story of Dave

In a way I suppose it’s all my fault. I was the one who told him about Costa Rica. He came down for a visit and within a year he was living here. Actually, it isn’t ALL my fault, but I did set the chain of events in motion. Here’s (part of) Dave’s story. I […]

Costa Rica and the Single Gringa

What is life like for single Gringas in Costa Rica? I put out some feelers, and the end result is this blog. All of the women I talked to had come down to Costa Rica on their own, not as part of a ‘couple.’ A common characteristic they all share is a certain courage in […]