Men About Town

A friend came into town last weekend and as usual we got together for a little tour. Some guys head right for the Del Rey when they get here. Others head for Sportsmen’s or Zona 2. My friend heads for Calle 6. Now, if you don’t know about Calle 6, I suppose I should give […]

Another Low Rent Saturday Night Out

As the saying goes, I don’t get around much any more. But a visit by an old friend who is one of the true explorers of the San Jose scene prompted me to leave my cocoon and see what was shaking on a Saturday Night in town. We were joined by another friend who shall […]

More Dances with Prostitutes

There is a darker side to the “profession” and this video explores that side. I saw “Natalia” on my very first visit to the Molino Rojo and her sex appeal was off the chart. I eventually got to know her (a little) and over the years I watched her decline. There are some girls who […]

More about my Early Days in San Jose

My main hangout in my early days was the old NY Bar. It was a mix of gringos, mostly men, and locals, both men and women. The women there were not all hookers but there were always a few hoping to snag a customer. One of the more unusual experiences I had there was one […]

Down to the Night Club

A couple of legendary (non-resident) m0ngers just happened to stumble into town at the same time. So we made plans to do a little tour of a few of the local hot spots. We started out early, at VIP’s Taberna (Amon). Along with the two visitors were a trio of local hobbyists, bringing our number […]

Rainy Season Night Club Action

My first visit to a Costa Rican ‘night club’ was a long time ago, probably seven years ago. I was fortunate to have a friend who had lived in San Jose quite a while and knew a number of places, and he was also fluent in Spanish. He showed me a couple of places that […]

The Death of a Night Club

I have a friend in the web design business. He had a potential new client in San Jose who was re-opening a night club; Scarlett’s to be precise, and wanted to get a web site going. A meeting had been set up and my friend asked if I would mind coming along, to listen and […]

Monday Night YMMV at San Jose Nights Clubs

If they ever held a contest for the worst night of the week in San Jose to go out, then Monday night would probably win. My friend Chuck was in town and on his last night. Despite the rain we ventured out to assorted strip clubs and outright brothels. We began as we often do […]