The ‘R’ Word (Relationships)

Regal? Rototiller? Rumplestiltskin? No… the “R” word here is “Relationship.” I don’t much care for the word but it covers a little more territory than “marriage” or “love,” so I’ll use it anyway. When I first came to Costa Rica, I only knew I was looking for female company, which had become very hard to […]

A Story I Didn’t Want to Tell

I had decided not to relay this particular story but the recent uproar regarding statements made by U.S. Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri has caused me to change my mind. I met “G” about 4 years ago. She was a neighbor of my girlfriend (at the time) and used to babysit. Like my girlfriend, she […]

The $80 Coffin

  I paid for an $80 coffin last week. I met “C” through a mutual friend a few years ago. She was living in one of the poorest areas of the greater San Jose area, Los Guido. She was typical in many ways of those who live there. She was scantily educated and had never […]

Don’t Pay the Ransom… I Escaped!

Old joke… I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while. I wasn’t kidnapped, though, just ran out of things to say, or at least constructive things to say. But recently I decided that in addition to what I’ve done so far, maybe I will wander off the ‘innocuous’ path a little and risk […]

Gringo Gripes – Caja Health Care

Bless you, AM Costa Rica. Once again I have been inspired by my morning reading. Over the past couple of issues there has been a ‘dialog’ (if you want to be polite) between detractors and defenders of my adopted country of residence. Since I’m both a detractor AND a defender, I shall wade in where […]

The Marcha de las Putas Demonstration

I arrived at Parque Central just a little after 10 am, the scheduled start of the Marcha de las Putas (Slut Walk) demonstration. What the heck, these are Ticos and Ticas, being a little late was like being early, Tico time. Still, there were already a fair number of people there, and the protest would […]

Escape from San Jose

I sometimes like to make fun of AM Costa Rica, I can’t help myself. Today’s headline is a case in point: President immortalized on new postal emission Postal emission??? But still I read the site regularly. In the June 10th, 2011 edition they had a little article that nicely summarized the good things about Costa […]

Touch a Butt, Go to Jail! Rob a Bank… well…

Ah, Costa Rica, the land of volcanoes, rainforest, beaches, eternal Spring and whatnot. Too bad about the people that own/run it. I’m fast approaching the 7th anniversary of the day I first moved here. I like it here. For all its faults I still like living here. Having said that, I have come to the […]