San Jose Slice of life

I was sitting at home, thinking about what I’d eat for dinner when I got a call from an amiga who is a semi-retired hooker. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with, and we decided to go have a cheap meal then a few beers. She met me outside a hamburger joint and […]

Del Rey and Key Largo Halloween + a WARNING!

The Del Rey Hotel, bar and casino and the Key Largo bar had their Halloween “party” last Saturday night, and I felt it was my duty to see what was up. I got there at eight pm, and things were just warming up. I was supposed to meed a friend there, but he was late, […]

New York Bar – Rest In Peace

The official end of the NY bar happened this week, to nobody’s real surprise. They had a closing party on Wed. night (Jan 5, 2011) and now it’s all over but some dismantling. If you need more than my word for it, note that AM Costa Rica, not known for its pro-mongering attitude, ran a […]

Look Who I Found! Mya from the Del Rey!

As I mentioned before in the comments to some of my ‘Girlfriend Experience’ posts, I sometimes use pictures from Amo Latina as eye candy, especially for my GFE series. Being a dedicated girl watcher (aren’t we all?), I took a look at their Costa Rica section, to see if I recognized any of the chicas […]

Key Largo Nights

I’ve spent many a night in the Key Largo, more than the Del Rey. Likewise, I have found love by the hour in the Key Largo much more often than I have in the Del Rey, though most girls who work one work the other as well. No reason why not, unless they are too […]