The ‘R’ Word (Relationships)

Regal? Rototiller? Rumplestiltskin? No… the “R” word here is “Relationship.” I don’t much care for the word but it covers a little more territory than “marriage” or “love,” so I’ll use it anyway. When I first came to Costa Rica, I only knew I was looking for female company, which had become very hard to […]

Here She is, Miss Colombia

So here I am in my new adopted country, and I can enjoy the beauty of Colombian ladies any day of the week. It must not be easy to select just one stunner to represent the country, but here is our 2014 representative, who was ALSO chosen as Miss Universe… Paulina Vega.   Please excuse […]

Chicas in Micro Bikinis

Submitted for your enjoyment, four lovely chicas in micro bikinis, on the beach. Life would be a dream, sh-boom, sh-boom!!   PS, For any latecomers to the blog, may I humbly recommend the Clueless Clyde Saga? 

Miss Viki and the Gringo Chump

I would like to revisit a story from “Last Tangos in San José.” The story itself is what it is, a story. I was thinking about it recently and thought maybe it deserved a little more elaboration and pontificating. The basic story was about an incident/interaction/train wreck between a local San José alcoholic hooker and a […]

Thomas Ray O’Brien – Matchmaker

I’ve introduced many a monger to many a working girl over the years. And many mongers have introduced or recommended many working girls to me as well. Certainly two of the best providers I have been with were based on referrals. There are some mongers who never share a chica they like, as if they […]

The Wh0remonger’s H0me C0mpani0n

I would like to present my latest bestseller. Ok, my latest eBook then. Inside you’ll find assorted opinions, tips, observations and information for those interested in ‘the hobby,’ from those who haven’t yet dipped their ‘toe’ in the water to grizzled veterans. I would fall into the latter category, and even though I dole out […]

Screamin’ Maria

In dealing with paid company, you usually don’t get an off the charts reaction. But sometimes… well, I submit this video for your entertainment. The picture isn’t Maria but to do a video I had to use some sort of picture and I thought this chica looked nice enough. I saw Maria for a couple […]

Still Tango-ing in Costa Rica

Yes, I am gone, but Costa Rica continues without me. Oddly enough. Despite my recent hiatus, I am staying in touch with the land of unicorns and Pura Vida, COSTA RICA! And, since the Costa Rican tourist bureau tells us that Ticos are the happiest people on Earth, it is upsetting to hear nothing but […]