The ‘R’ Word (Relationships)

Regal? Rototiller? Rumplestiltskin? No… the “R” word here is “Relationship.” I don’t much care for the word but it covers a little more territory than “marriage” or “love,” so I’ll use it anyway.

When I first came to Costa Rica, I only knew I was looking for female company, which had become very hard to come by for me back home in the States. Besides gender and a certain degree of attractiveness, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. Was it a girlfriend or an endless stream of one-night adventures? Either way, it was going to be better than what I left. I was sure. I hoped.

Over the years I met a lot of fellow gringos, and there was quite a bit of diversity in what they wanted, or said they wanted, or thought they wanted… etc. There were a few that were looking for somebody to marry, settle down with, have kids… the whole nine yards. At the other end of the scale were guys who never wanted to spend more than a couple of hours with the same girl. Many weren’t quite so clear on what they wanted. They wanted sex, for sure, but that didn’t mean they were totally opposed to something a little more… Substantial? Serious? Meaningful? Whatever.

I put myself in that category. As it has turned out, I never really crossed the line into a truly heavy-duty relationship. I have made some very good friends among my ‘lovers,’ but as far as actually going ‘all in,’ I never did.

I’m not saying that it couldn’t have happened. I had a few that I might have been willing, but for a few details such as she was already married, or was looking for somebody closer to her own age, or she had a ton of children or some combination of the aforementioned.

Still, it has been my misfortune, or good fortune, to have never been with somebody I really wanted who really wanted me back. And so, I am condemned to the “endless stream of babes” route.

Could be worse.


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