Thomas Ray O’Brien – Matchmaker

DSCF1191I’ve introduced many a monger to many a working girl over the years. And many mongers have introduced or recommended many working girls to me as well. Certainly two of the best providers I have been with were based on referrals. There are some mongers who never share a chica they like, as if they have some sort of proprietary thing going on, but most mongers are reasonably forthcoming and it usually works out to everyone’s advantage.

There are also men who are looking for something more than an endless stream of love-for-hire experiences and are looking for a more long lasting relationship. So in addition to introducing guys to chicas for sex-for-money reasons, I occasionally meet a guy who is looking for a girlfriend rather than just a good roll in the hay. And when I meet a guy like that, I check my mental Rolodex and see if any of the chicas I know might fit the bill. It just so happens that in the last two weeks I received ‘thank you’ emails from my two most successful introductions.

I met ‘D’ shortly after he moved to Costa Rica. I showed him around a little with the assumption that he was reasonably typical, and just wanted to have some erotic fun. It wasn’t long until I realized he was looking for a ‘relationship,’ not a series of one night stands. He wasn’t happy with just an hour of sex; he wanted the chica to hang out with him… the more the better. Unfortunately for ‘D,’ most of the girls I knew had families, or didn’t want to spend enough time with him to satisfy him. After I figured this out, I decided to introduce him to ‘E,’ who I knew liked to just hang out. The got together and spent a year together before she kind of flipped out on him and he decided to move on. I then introduced him to ‘M,” and this time it worked out. They have been together for years and seem to be going strong. As I said, I got an email from her, thanking me for being her friend and for introducing her to ‘D.’

The second thank you just arrived today, from a gentleman in his 70s whom I introduced to a very sweet girl I had been seeing but wasn’t quite the girl I was looking for in a couple of rather trivial ways, but someone I thought might be perfect for the older gentleman. She was just shy of 40, pretty, with a gentle sweet personality and very passionate. She is a smoker, and that was one thing that deterred me, but so was the gentleman, so that was no problem. They are now celebrating 3 years together and couldn’t be happier.

There’s really no tag line to this post, unless it is that once in a while things actually do work out.

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