The Wh0remonger’s H0me C0mpani0n

wmonger-hcI would like to present my latest bestseller. Ok, my latest eBook then.

Inside you’ll find assorted opinions, tips, observations and information for those interested in ‘the hobby,’ from those who haven’t yet dipped their ‘toe’ in the water to grizzled veterans. I would fall into the latter category, and even though I dole out advice, I am quite aware that nobody knows it all, and to this end I am sharing what I THINK I know and always have an open ear and an open mind towards the opinions and experiences of others. Feel free to chime in, if you like. That’s what the comments section is for.

As most know, I spent eleven years playing around in Costa Rica, and have since relocated to Medellin, Colombia. I have done some traveling as well. I admit that the bulk of my knowledge comes from Latin America, but I also pass on what I hear from others who have explored points East such as Thailand and the Philippines.

In any event, if you have the inclination, click on the picture above to browse or buy it. Thanks for reading.

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