Still Tango-ing in Costa Rica

Yes, I am gone, but Costa Rica continues without me. Oddly enough.
Last Tangos

Despite my recent hiatus, I am staying in touch with the land of unicorns and Pura Vida, COSTA RICA! And, since the Costa Rican tourist bureau tells us that Ticos are the happiest people on Earth, it is upsetting to hear nothing but downers coming from my friends.

It’s not all bad, of course. Magdalena has become a grandmother yet again, number 10, This time it’s her son’s third daughter. He’s out of prison now, by the way. Magdalena herself is dealing with her mother, who has pretty severe Alzheimer’s. Business hasn’t been all that good for her, but she carry’s on. (Read the full Magdalena Epilogue in “Last Tangos in San Jose”)

But probably the most upsetting bit of news that has reached me is about a lady friend’s (working girl) daughter. The mother is a dear chica and really does have the proverbial “heart of gold.” I have helped both mother and daughter many times. I don’t regret helping Mama, but I do regret helping the daughter. The idea behind helping the daughter was that she would be able to get an education and live a better life than Mama. The daughter, unfortunately, has pretty much abandoned the education and work path and gone down another road.

I got a message from a friend that the daughter is now pregnant, and got married. The “husband” has no job, which is no surprise. The fact that he is still around is nice to hear, but at this point he’s another mouth to feed rather than a provider for his soon-to-be son or daughter. Choosing the “mama” track pretty much shoots down the get an education and a job track.

Beyond that, though unrelated, she has become a devout Jehovah’s Witness. Her religion is irrelevant to her pregnancy and giving up on education and hope of a decent job. Whatever contribution to society she might have made before will now be limited to bringing sunshine into the lives of people who stay at home and DESPERATELY hope that somebody, ANYBODY, knock on their door.

[heavy sigh]

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