Last Tangos in San José

Last Tangos
I’ve been pretty busy this last few months. The big “thing” in my life has been my move from San José, Costa Rica to Medellin, Colombia. Any move is a big deal, even moving from Mom’s basement to the garage. Moving to a totally new country where you are less-than-fluent in the language… well… it’s a pretty big deal.

HOWEVER… I did have time to put together a book about my last few years in Costa Rica. Included is an update/epilogue to “Magdalena, a Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica.” There are also stories about strippers, hookers, crack addicts, weird gringos and much more.

If you enjoyed any of my other books: Clueless Clyde, Dances with Prostitutes, MORE Dances with Prostitutes, and/or Magdalena, I’m sure you’ll like “Last Tangos in San José.” I will be putting together a book on my Colombia experiences shorty, as soon as I have been here a bit longer. I will also post here from time to time.

Just for a quick preview, my first impressions of Medellin are 90% positive, or perhaps more, since I can’t really quantify something like that. Right off the bat, Medellin is SO much more affordable, keeping in mind that Costa Rica isn’t all that expensive for gringos. On top of that, transportation and the general cleanliness and modernity of Medellin are impressive. There is a lot more to say but I will get around to that in the future. Stay tuned.

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