The Save a Ho Girlfriend Trap

This trap is an ugly one. Let me say that I know plenty of working girls down here and SOME of them are as sweet as pie and honest as the day is long. Having said that, you are MUCH more likely to meet somebody who will play you for as big a sucker as you are willing to be. You should never forget that to these girls it’s a profit deal, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY (true cliché #2).

The biggest mistake a guy can make is to think he is going to ‘rescue’ some girl from this horrible life she’s living and in her gratitude she will be forever faithful and devoted and all that rot. Forget ‘Pretty Woman.’ You aren’t Richard Gere and this isn’t Hollywood. Think about the lifestyle they live. Aside from the number of partners they have there is a serious substance abuse problem in more than half of these girls. Anybody who has lived down here has seen far too many guys fall in love with a working girl and end up brokenhearted and sometimes broke.

It’s the same the world over, really. Whether it’s a dancer in some nudie bar or a working girl in Thailand, guys suffer from the same delusions, thinking that they (the guys) will be able to win some fair maiden (!) by rescuing her from a life of misery. The first component is the ‘fair’ maiden. Okay, she’s not a maiden, but we assume she is fair (pretty) enough to make money selling her body. The second component is the knight in shining armor syndrome. Be a hero, not a zero!

There is so much wrong with that it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s focus on the idea that the girl in question is going to be grateful. How can I put this… Perhaps you would be interested in a nice bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan? It’s not impossible for a working girl to be grateful, but anybody who thinks saving a ho from ‘the life’ guarantees gratitude is dreaming.

Strange as it may seem, lots of Latina working girls would rather party with friends, drinking, abusing illegal substances and dancing than sit in a nice suburban American McMansion all alone watching television (in a language she can’t understand) all day while hubby is at work, then get into her sexiest outfit to service him before he falls asleep in front of said TV.

Whatever you see while she is working is what you’ll see if you get involved with her, except, of course, what she is faking to separate you from some of your cash. If she’s a substance abuser, bad with money, a liar, undependable, stupid… whatever… she’s not going to change into what you think she should be just because you ‘saved’ her from ‘the life.’

By all means, enjoy her company. Treat her with kindness. Be sympathetic if you feel like it. But PLEASE remember: She is NOT Cinderella (or was it Snow White?) and you are NOT Prince Charming. This is the real world, not Disneyland.

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  1. salsabravo says:

    Love the article. Great reality check for all us latina lovers out there.

  2. KINGCAESAR1 says:

    Well said!!

  3. Gringo Michael says:

    I think this is well said and true. I have seen it over and over again.

  4. Great advice. All you newbies and some of us old timers should pay attention to this sound advice.

  5. Michael de Colorado says:

    The only thing I can add is "No Truer words as ever been spoken".

  6. Yup, sad but true with the vast, vast majority of "working girls" however it can indeed be difficult for guys (especially gringos) to accept the truths in this article and there is always the "…my girl is different…" syndrome.

  7. Ravenleader says:

    I learned the hard way. I was that guy and all total I probably gave her $12,000 to help turn her life around only to find that she was playing me all along. Oh well I consider it a life lesson!

  8. jerry/key west says:

    keep the great, words coming…i get stronger, and, stronger.i have been dating to long..looking for true love…for years , the chicks here , have been , jumping up and down on my balls..i will be at sportsman's.. aug 22 to 29.. if anyone wants to pal around.. let me know..i am not gay..i just want to do man stuff….dirt bikes…. hiking….this is my first trip…thank you guys for your will save me a lot of nonsense……….blessed and humble….jerry

  9. Maybe we should have orientation every month in the US.

  10. Dan the Man says:

    I agree. We should have "mandatory newcummers orientation" every Thursday afternoon at the Sportsmans or the Dunn Inn…wherever. But not at ground zero; Del Rey! Have someone like Pops or some other seasoned vet take them around and show them the facts of life down here. Having taken advantage of Pops wingman tour was the best thing I ever done here. Period…the end!!

  11. william says:

    It’s not only the hookers here. I’m taking it up the ass right now. Can’t give details. But my Tica wife of 2 years is doing her best to get all my retirement. The courts have awarded her 800 till the divorce is final. She has a paper on me where I can’t even leave Costa Rica till the divorce is final. Step father has cancer and I can’t even leave to go to the funeral as he been told he will not live. She just laughs about it. Long and short of it is. She said what she wants is every dime I have my house and vehicles. Then she said she wants to see me crawl out of Costa Rica with my asshole bleeding, that is if she decides to let me leave.
    This is a girl I have known for 5 years and wasn’t a hooker. So men get your money’s worth and walk away.

  12. Don't think for a minute that the Sportsman Lodge or Dunn Inn isn't ground zero…in fact they may be more groung zero because there is this false idea that these girls have been "screened" or some such bullshit

  13. slimindian says:

    Damn, they should post William's story at the airport for new arrivals!!

  14. All true words to be taken seriously in any circumstance, be it here in the good ‘ol USA or out of country. Have fun but keep it real. Thanks Tom.

  15. You can take the girl outta the Del Rey but you cannot take the Del Rey outta the girl.

  16. Michael de Colorado says:

    William.. Im sorry that you married and it didnt work out. Your story is a sad one. Thanks for sharing it with us gringos. I hope everyone take heed to your story and remember that what happened to you can happen to anyone of us and it doesnt matter where you are in this world. All the best to you and you will land on your feet cause youre a MAN. PEACE & LOVE TO YOU

  17. william says:

    Got the best lawyer in all of Costa Rica for a divorce so I’m told. They said soon to be X wife is asking I give her my entire pension. She is asking I buy her a car to take her son to school and where ever. She wants me to pay for her and his medical insurance pay child support (not my child). Wants alimony, the pension for life. Wants 100 a month above my pension for female up keep items. She can’t touch the house or vehicles my prenuptial is sound. All the items she is asking for she wants me to pay out my pocket above and beyond the total pension each month.
    Men should read the Am Costa Rica article for last Monday the 19 July 2010. I’m still on lock down can’t leave the country and they can’t come up with a paper to that fact. So when I do leave I may have to stay out 2 times as long as I stayed over the 90 days. When it’s all said and done will post a link to her facebook so you all can be ware. As she has stated she is looking for another gringo with more money. . Pura Vida

  18. William,

    Thanks for sharing a what must be a very sore subject with everybody. Much of what I post is trying to possibly help somebody avoid similar situations. As you say, it isn't just prostitutes you have to beware of. I'll keep preaching and if I make one convert per post, I'm satisfied.

    • If it has Tits or Wheels, Fly’s Fucks or Floats RENT IT.
      Divorce is final. I got away with more than I thought I would leave with. First thing lawyer cost me 3,500. I had to pay her off with 2,000. She got to keep the furniture she walked out the house with. Also the jewelry of my dead fathers she stole and sold, some jewelry I got in Iraq she also sold for way less then it was worth as she was told it was silver not gold.

    • 800 I had to pay for the one month.
      3,500 lawyer his name alone scared the judges and made it a legal divorce, not a F over the gringo behind doors kangaroo court.
      2,000 payoff to get her to sigh the divorce lift the paper so I can leave Costa Rica again, and drop the restraining order. Common practice here to scare the gringo.
      3,000 in stolen jewelry from my dad’s estate and what I bought in Iraq.
      4,000 in jewelry I bought her over the years we were together.
      2,000 in furniture she left with and was allowed to keep so I could walk away clean.
      15,300 grand total for 5 years worth of fun.
      But what saved my ass was I did a prenuptial. As my lawyer said Un like most of the gringos he represents I was smart. Problem was other lawyer forgot to mention in it about my pension or I could have walked away Scott free. PRENUPT PRENUPT PRENUPT. If she truly is with you and not your $$$ She will gladly sign it!

      • Hey William, 15,300 would more or less pay for only 153 hours with hot babes at the HDR. It seems that you got off cheap over the long run. But the Prenup is great advice, thank you.

  19. Frank La Crosse says:

    If you´ve ever had a bad habit you wanted to kick and you tried to change it, you have a mild sniff of the odor. For in this instance it´s you and you have the desire to change. She doesn´t desire to change or she wouldn´t be working. If it´s difficult for you to change a habit think of how impossible it would be to change someone elses life who doesn´t want to change.
    It´s better to find someone you like and then dont try to change them.

  20. Prenups, costa rica style, wonder if there is a publication about this . . .

  21. Great advice – too many just don't see beyond the sex – and I don't care WHO you are – unless there is a connection beyond sex, the relationship is not gonna last. And I don't care who you are screwing, you will get bored – but don't take my word for it – even with a mental connection, its difficult – look at all the models and actress' – their divorce rate is higher than the population as a whole – and normally, its the guy who cheats.

    Thinking that you have anything in comon with a lady 30 years younger, from a different culture, background….hell in many cases they can't communicate, b/c they don't speak the others language. Show me any percentage where one of these relationships have worked out – and do you really want an ex prostitute for a wife? Would you marry one here is the USA – why is it different in CR?

    And what do you discuss w/ your new wife? Politics; religion; current events – more likely "Sponge Bob". (Then again, the guys are not the sharpest knives in the drawer either).

    to be continued…….

  22. Best advice on this subject I ever got was from a friend in 8th grade – he said:

    "Never marry a whore – she'll get so tired of your ugly cock, she'll be fucking other guys w/in months"
    Not that I was contemplating it, but good advice nevertheless – wish some of the dummies who think "Mine is different" would get the memo!

  23. AMEN!