A Valentine to Sex Workers

Al01I have lost count of the # of sex workers I have employed and/or gotten to know. It is to the point that sometimes in a bar or brothel I will see someone and have to ask myself if I have been with her before or not.

It’s a cliche in books to have one of the characters be a hooker with a heart of gold. And it is ridiculous to say that ALL sex workers are sweet, honest, loving and sexy. But I will say that the majority I have met have been been pretty nice people. Most have been honest… at least as honest as their average client.

There is no doubt there are plenty of “bad apples” in the profession, and I don’t mean to gloss that over. Petty theft is the most common problem, with grand theft coming in second, although not a frequent occurrence. Another complaint are the poor performers, ladies who don’t deliver what they promise. A rushed or halfhearted performance is a kind of theft, and really can’t be foreseen during the negotiation process, so it will happen from time to time. Some of the ladies have problems that hurt themselves more than their clients, drug and alcohol abuse, to be specific.

1fe4a4d8-2d2d-4324-b99f-a2a706559187But on the whole, I am mostly positive about the women I have engaged to spend a little time with me and have sex. Before I discovered the world of pay-for-play, I had numerous girlfriends and casual encounters. While some of those certainly put passion into sex with me, there were others, even one night stands where I had to wonder what the point was, for them at least.

It’s easier to understand if a paid companion isn’t particularly “into it.” But although it is never a sure thing when you go with a working girl you haven’t been with before, it happens reasonably often that the lady will be out to enjoy herself as well as make some money. And if she’s just phoning it in, you are under no obligation to repeat. You don’t have to divorce a paid companion.

On the other hand, the experience can be excellent, and after you have been at it a while, you will build up a stack of phone numbers. Living as I do in downtown San Jose, I throw away more phone numbers (or erase them from my phone, as the case may be) than I EVER got while back in the USA.

The bottom line is that I have met a great number of truly sweet and passionate women who have been an important and satisfying part of my life over the last decade (and a bit more).

So, working girls, I thank you all, even those who stole my toothpaste.

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