The Basics of the Costa Rica “Sex Scene”

9105753_mProstitution in Costa Rica is NOT illegal as long as your “partner” is 18 years old, or older. Punishment for being caught with an underage girl is VERY severe and you DEFINITELY would not like to spend years in a prison here.

There are many options, which fall into the following categories:

On site “massage,” pensions and bars: These are the least expensive options. They have their own rooms and the price is set other than whatever tip you may give (totally optional). Prices can range from $15 or so up to $80 and girls can range from butt-ugly to super hot. Price and quality are related but not ALWAYS. Most of these places are daytime options, though a few of the bar type places are open at night only.

Pick Up Bars: These are bars frequented by prostitutes where the chicas (girls) are looking for customers and the men are aware of that. Price and services are totally negotiable here, although what the girl agrees to in the bar may change once behind closed doors. Prices tend to vary from around $40 to over $100, and you supply the room. There are plenty of short term hotels in San Jose if you don’t want to use your own hotel room.

15044932_mNight Clubs, known elsewhere as Strip Clubs: Unlike the bars with on-site rooms, these places also feature entertainment in the form of strippers and sometimes some sort of “lesbian” show. Some of these places are quite reasonable, offering a half hour with the girl of your choice for around $30, while the worst ones are out and out clip joints that will try to soak you for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Beware of any place a taxi driver recommends. They get commissions from the worst clip joints.

Street Action: This option is NOT recommended. Because there are so many LEGAL options, the streetwalkers are usually working the streets because they can’t work any of the indoor options. The most common reason is that they are transvestites. Some are honest and others are muggers or pickpockets. Another type of street girl will be female, but underage. In any event, street action is dangerous and not recommended.

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