Clyde Goes Audible

It was a LOT of work but it’s finally done and available for your listening pleasure. What am I talking about? Why, nothing else but “Clueless Clyde (1), the Saga(?) Begins”
Clyde Cover ACX
With Christmas season upon us, this is the PERFECT (maybe) gift for that man you know who hasn’t had a date for New Year’s Eve since the turn of the century. For those who have not read the story on this blog, it’s the story of a middle aged accountant from Cleveland, Ohip, who discovers, more or less accidentally, the tropical playland that is Costa Rica.

Clyde is not exactly stupid, but he does tend to do things before he is totally informed and his heart, or gonads at least, rules his head.

He comes down for a little vacation, gets laid a few times, sort of falls in love, comes back for another vacation, falls in love again (sort of) and experiences the wide panorama that is Tico Culture.

I did the audiobook narration myself, and it’s not quite as professional as if an actor had done it, but unlike some random actor, I was pretty much there and speak from experience, if not talent.

I already have one audio book out now, “Dances with Prostitutes” and it has done reasonably well. If this Clyde book does close to as well, I will do the other 2 installments, as well as “More Dances with Prostitutes.”

I was not born to be a narrator but necessity is the mother of invention. Click on the link to listen to a sample if you like, and buy the damned thing if you’d like to have something to listen to besides Christmas carols while you drive over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for some dried out turkey, instant mashed potatoes and canned cranberry sauce.

Ho Ho Ho! (that’s 3 of them)

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