Audio Books – Dances with Prostitutes and Clueless Clyde

I’ve done youtube promos for a few of my books, and the idea occurred to me that it might be worth making an audio book out of the books. I began with “Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style” because I thought it might have a little popular appeal, and I also had a few chapters done.

I have some background in recording and sound engineering, and I had done the narration thing already so off the cliff I plunged. I don’t like to whine, but I suffer from a few handicaps. First is my “recording studio,” which is just my bedroom. That’s not a problem per se, but the fact that my window faces a very noisy street IS a problem. There are 5 major bus stops within hearing distance, in addition to the cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The buses stop running around 11, so it is POSSIBLE to record from 11pm onward, as long as I am patient and pause when the hotshots on their motorcycles race through the streets or the garbage trucks to by or the occasional drunks stop shouting. I’m not the most patient person, but I have no choice.

!acx DWP 2bBut my real handicap is how tongue tied I get. I really had no idea I was this way, that I had problems pronouncing even simple sentences, but I know it now! Part of my problem is that I read a lot faster than I talk, and I suppose my reading is some sort of form of speed reading, where I don’t really read every word but just absorb the sentence whole. This does NOT work for reading aloud.

But regardless of my difficulties, I was able to complete the first audio book, “Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style” and I have been pleasantly surprised by how many copies it is selling as an audio book. At the moment it is selling a lot better than either the paperback or the eBook version. Having noticed this, I have plunged ahead with the first volume of “Clueless Clyde.” I am probably a little less than half done with it, but I am picking up the pace and hope to have it done in a month or so.

As a side note, copies of “Magdalena” have been available at the Bar Poas. I think there are still copies left, so if you’d like a paperback copy of Magdalena, you can get it there. Just ask the bartender. They get a cut and have been great about selling them.

I also want to mention a group on Facebook, “Prostitution in Latin America” which you are invited to join. At the moment it’s just getting going and hasn’t got much of an identity, but there are some pictures and news articles and you can add to the content too. Click on the link above and ask to join. I also have a personal page and an author page. You can “friend” my personal page and “Like/follow” the author page if you want. There is also a “Love Costa Rica Style” page that usually has a nice picture of a Latina every day.

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