The Battle of the Lap Dances

1849-1-en-60f292737cfd7660ad7b4d92bfc90cf3It was just this Saturday night that I was out with a friend from Florida who is a frequent visitor to Costa Rica. The night started out rather strangely. We arranged to meet at a local, low end bar/brothel. Before even entering, we saw a crudely made sign on the wall that said “No gringos. Solo gringos locos.” My rough translation left me in some doubt whether they wanted NO gringo, or only crazy gringos. But we didn’t bother to investigate.

Next stop was the Bella Mansion, which was not particularly exciting, so we headed to the other side of town and the Bar Argentina. It’s another rather down-home place but the vibe is mellow and there are almost always a fair number of girls there working, and usually one or two that are reasonably appealing.

I had been eyeing one particular girl for a while and was hoping she would be on site that night, which she was, fortunately for me. She is a type I am rather fond of, but a type not very common… tall and slim. Her face is also rather attractive so I propositioned her and we went back into one of the little rooms to get to know each other better.

iStock_000018881251SmallThe sex was decent and she was good company. She also had probably the smallest breasts I have run across in the country. It wasn’t a big turn off, but also nothing to get excited about.

After I was done, we finished our beers and headed up the street to the Molino Rojo. The place was moderately jumping and there were a few familiar faces there for both me and my friend. While we were seated around the stage, waiting (in vain) for a dancer or two, I caught the eye of a chica a few tables away. She came over and sat on my lap. She wasn’t shy about touching me and wasn’t remotely shy about me touching her. Now, she wasn’t a beauty queen, but she wasn’t bad looking either. She sat for maybe ten minutes squirming on my lap and groping me before she asked for a beer. Since it was less than 6$, I said okay, and she spent the next 20 minutes of so seated on my knee and quite happy to let me touch her anywhere, even encouraging a few things she seemed to enjoy.

Sexy sensual middle aged ethnic woman in lingerieAfter her beer was gone, my friend and I decided to move along, and that was the end of my lap dance. lasting about 30 minutes and costing me six dollars. My friend, who has been known to visit strip clubs in Florida, mentioned the fact that a lap dance of a few minutes back home would cost $20, and of course, no touching allowed.

Every lap dance in Costa Rica isn’t as economical as the one I got that night, but I think I can safely say I have never heard of a ‘no touching’ rule. Things are mucho greater, close to the equator!

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