An Embarrassment of Riches

10204029283_ed7d2566b3_bBefore I moved to Costa Rica, I don’t think I could have imagined becoming as blase about having sex available any time I wanted it from more women than I could count, but after nine plus years, I now take for granted this very fact.

It takes a trip to somewhere like the Del Rey Hotel to remind me that there are those who spend nearly all their lives just HOPING for some sort of sexual encounter, while others are paying outrageous amounts just for the privilege of gawking at some woman’s bared breasts in a strip club, or paying her another hefty chunk of change to have her sit on your lap for a few minutes.

In a way, I do envy the enthusiasm the tourists bring with them. I don’t envy the over-enthusiasm that causes them to overpay for mediocre talent and service, but chances are they STILL enjoy what they bought, comparing it to the scene “back home,” wherever that might be.

I was out last Saturday night, and went to a couple of strip clubs and one brothel. In the first strip club, there were at least a dozen quite attractive girls sitting around, just HOPING somebody would throw a little… business(?)… their way. And these were not, for the most part, grizzled veterans of the scene whom I had seen in various other clubs, but rather appeared to be new to the trade.

And the way it is now, the potential “employers” such as you or I are vastly outnumbered by the “labor force,” so to speak. Still, I am always amazed when gringos complain about the lack of talent. As far as I can gather, some gringos expect every place they go to be filled exclusively with super models, and complain when there are a few fat chicks among the others. It’s as if someone were holding a gun to their heads and going to FORCE them to have sex with every single female in the place. Seriously… if you can’t find a pretty enough girl for you in the Del Rey or Sportsmens, maybe you ought to check yourself?

For me, I like female beauty as much as the next guy, but what makes for a quality session goes beyond that. I am grateful that I have so many choices. I think I just need to remind myself what life is like up north from time to time. I’d write more, but I hear my date ringing my bell.

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