Thomas Meets Real Life Clueless Clyde

120052280_883181c270_oThe leading man in the “Clueless Clyde” trilogy is fictional. I have to repeat this once in a while because I get folks who are SURE the book is just disguised autobiography. Well… IT IS NOT! I drew mostly on stories I heard from others, though there are a few things that came from personal experience. But I will repeat one more time: I am not Clyde!

Now that we have that cleared up, I want to recount an encounter I had less than a week ago with a guy who makes Clyde look good. I was walking down towards pawn shop row to take a few pictures when I ran into a Tico I know, who introduced me to a gringo he was talking with. The conversation began as many do, exchanging info about how long we have been coming to Costa Rica, where we were from in the States, etc. But it soon became apparent the gringo wanted to talk about his troubles. Well… Trouble is my Business (up to a point) so I listened for a while.

“Buzz” (not his real name) had made the mistake of falling in love with a Tica. That was his take on it, at least. He said he’d been coming to Costa Rica for many years, I think it was more than 10, and he had avoided emotional entanglement up until a few years back. He didn’t say much about his wife, but she had three children and he wanted two of them to have his last name. He speaks minimal Spanish, by the way. So they got a lawyer to draw up papers and he adopted them. Buzz didn’t realize what this entailed, not surprisingly, and was shocked when the mother took him to court for child support, which he was ordered to pay. According to Buzz, this evil Tica had bled him dry, and caused him to lose his business in the States and so on and so on. I wasn’t paying attention to all the details, because Buzz was only looking for a shoulder to cry on, and I don’t have a lot of patience for that.

5426115753_eb5a6f631eBuzz was my age, more or less, not some schoolboy. But despite his age and his many trips to Costa Rica, he still had no clue. He trusted his girlfriend, her lawyer and Costa Rica in general to give him an even break. If he had paid any attention, if he had even listened to stories from other gringos, he should have known better.

He probably wouldn’t make the same mistake again because he no longer had enough in the way of assets to repeat his mistake on the same scale. However, I got the feeling that he wasn’t done being a victim yet. He was just going to be taken for smaller stakes. The fictional Clueless Clyde actually learned from his mistakes, albeit slowly.

If Buzz was learning, he showed no outward signs of it.

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