The MP Go-Round (massage parlor)

GuapaThis could mean two things. The first is where one of us goes to some massage parlor, doesn’t see his heart’s desire, and moves on to check out another place. Or two… rinse and repeat. Then there is the merry go-round that the chicas do, which, more often than not, is the cause of the first (monger) MP go-round.

Relative newcomers as well as some veterans who should know better are often surprised that Senorita X, who was just there yesterday (last week/month/trip) is gone from the MP where he had so much fun with her last time. In my role as solver of cosmic mysteries, perhaps I can shed a little light on the subject.

The most common reason for a chica to leave is that she wasn’t making enough money. For whatever reason, Maria goes through a drought of perhaps only a few days, and she decides to try another place. Maybe she has friends somewhere and they tell her business is good at “Sticky Fingers” so she leaves “Cama Publico” for what she hopes are greener pastures.

There’s a vicious cycle lurking behind this, in that a nice place withe nice facilities may simply go through a slow spell and lose its most attractive girls. Then mongers who do show up are disappointed and move on, not to return for quite a while, adding to the lack of business and causing yet more turnover.

Other reasons can be more personal. There may be some sort of friction among the girls or with management. Girls may take a few days off or perhaps a steady, good paying client comes in and they go off to spend some time at the beach. The result can be that Mickey Monger shows up, Maria #2 is not there, and he writes the place off (for the time being).

This effect is certainly not limited to massage parlors. Strip clubs are equally vulnerable to this. I can’t think of too many places that can feature the same lineup two NIGHTS apart, let alone two months apart. Some places seem to have a little more continuity than others, but all have turnover problems.

The reason I even bring this up is the result of a conversation with a relative newcomer to San Jose. He was unhappy that one of the downtown MPs wasn’t “hiring the kind of girls he liked any more.” I tried to explain to him that almost any of these places will allow almost any girl to work there, since their cost is zero if she doesn’t do any business. Likewise, they have even less control over who decides to move on.

It all comes down to this: No place is any better than the chicas working there AT THE TIME YOU WALK IN. The nicest facilities in the world won’t turn a 3 into a 9. If you don’t see anybody appealing, just move on. The next time you visit the place may be packed with your heart’s desire. Just head off to your second choice, and your third or fourth if necessary. There are no lack of places in town, and the exercise will do you good!

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