The Model for Magdalena

Lingerie ModelI know my readers, and they are HOPING that I have the telephone number or email address for the model on the book’s cover. Well, sorry to disappoint, but I don’t. Instead, I’m going to talk about the real-life person whose life provided the bulk of the material for “Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica.”

I did my best in the book to present the facts as they were, unembellished. I changed a lot of unimportant details such as names of persons and places. But beyond that, I found that the interviews I did were disconnected and sometimes contradictory, so I had do make “executive” decisions and sometimes add some connecting material to make sense of it all.

Some of my readers know “Magdalena.” In the book, she comes across considerably more serious and unhappy than she is in real life. A lot of the incidents in the book were not “happy” events, and most of the happy events in her life were not really all that interesting or worthy of putting in a book. She has spent a LOT of time in her life just having a good time. Lots of sex, drinking and just partying in general. Only when things got weird or scary did those times get into the book.

“Magdalena” just celebrated her 48th birthday, and one happy event since the book was published was that her son was finally released from prison. Her granddaughter, Graciela, has been staying out of trouble and it looks as if she may not follow the same career path as her grandmother. I’ve talked to her and although she’s vague about what she DOES want to do, working the Del Rey isn’t something she’s interested in at the moment.

6946080029_9da9ed6870_oI’ve gotten some feedback about her, and how foolish she was several times, giving up security for the partying life. I’ve talked to her about this and she realizes what she did, but she doesn’t lose sleep over it. She is like a lot of uneducated and poor girls who learned early to enjoy life while you can and not worry about tomorrow. It’s hard for most gringos to accept that mindset. I cut her a little slack because for most of her life, there WAS no future that held any promise. She had no role models around her whose hard work and self sacrifice paid off in “the good life,” at least not until she was quite a ways past her “formative” years. Yes, she was given a chance and pissed it away. I don’t think she’s the only person who has done that, including plenty of gringos.

On a TOTALLY unrelated note, “Dances with Prostitutes Costa Rica Style” is available as an audio book from It has sold pretty darn well, and if you aren’t into reading that much, maybe an audio book would be of interest. I am considering doing “More Dances with Prostitutes” and “Clueless Clyde” as audio books. If anybody has a suggestion as to which would be of more interest, email me.

That’s all for now!

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