You’re STILL Not in Kansas

FunPhotoBox2141830010dwmxjeContinuing from the last post:

…she wants to give you a great massage and blow job… the reflex reaction is the same as back home, but the rational part of the mind says “wait a sec, dude, this is going to cost you.” The next thought is “is this THE girl I want to spend my money on?”

Despite the rational reactions, old habits die hard. Let’s face it. As men in the 1st world, we seldom have to say “no” to sex. We are the hunters, not the hunted. In dealing with prostitutes, the tables are reversed. But what does that really mean? For one thing, probably the FIRST thing, it means you have to learn to say “no.” If you don’t, you’ll end up OVERpaying for the company of women you don’t really want in the first place. You can pretty much bet on being approached by one or more chicas who either don’t appeal to you, or at best don’t appeal to you as much as another (or several OTHER) chica(s) in the room. We could be talking about one of the pick up bars like Sportsmen’s Lodge, Del Rey and Key Largo, or in one of the many, many strip clubs in San Jose. It’s virtually certain you will be approached.

Not every chica will approach you, or even approach anyone. This is something that puzzles many men, but it’s not overly complicated. First of all, some of the women are playing hard to get, though it seems ridiculous. But it doesn’t matter what we potential customers think, that’s their mindset. It’s a little like the mirror image of the guy who thinks he has to have “game” to pick up a prostitute. Other chicas are just shy or insecure or downright afraid. The bottom line is that if the apple of your eye doesn’t approach you, it really doesn’t mean anything. It DEFINITELY doesn’t mean she won’t go with you. It may require at least a TINY bit of effort on your part… a smile, a wave, a drink invitation, or maybe even a walk of a dozen yards or so to go over and say hello. But rest assured, she is there to make money, not pose for a magazine cover.

PhotoFunia-a3eb289Getting back to the topic of learning to say “no,” this is an essential skill and a very easy one to learn. I will admit that it took me a while. But some simple ways of POLITELY saying you aren’t interested. If the girl comes right to the point and asks if you want “company,” you can simply say “no, gracias” and leave it at that. If she starts going through her routine of asking you where you’re from, where you’re staying and so on, you can wait until she “pops the question” or tell her “sorry, I’m waiting for someone.” But above all, do NOT feel bad about saying “no.” Know that if she is hitting on you, she probably hits on lots of guys every night and learned how to shrug it off long long ago.

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