You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

iStock_000018402458SmallI was conducting a short tour with a rather young visitor to San Jose last week, and after we had walked around and visited a number of massage parlors and pensions, we sat at a table in the lobby bar of the Del Rey hotel and just chatted about the “hobby.”

The visitor was unusual in that he was in his twenties and in quite good shape, and rather good looking, though I don’t claim to be an expert on what good looking is in a man. At any rate, the conversation was about the working girls who frequent the Rey, and trying to speculate what’s going on in their lovely (and sometimes not so lovely) heads.

But as we talked about the chicas, I was once again reminded just how difficult it is for a relative newcomer to get over the mindset he brings from “back home.” In this case, home was Miami, Florida. He was no stranger, therefore to Latinas, though he spoke minimal Spanish. This may have been somewhat of a disadvantage actually, as the chicas here don’t look particularly different from the Latinas in Miami. There are doubtless spots in Miami where the girls dress equally sexy and hang out in bars. I suspect it makes losing the back-home mindset even that much harder.

Back home, wherever home is, even a young and good looking guy can go out looking for sex and go home alone. And even those who are successful have to “play the game.” I hear the word “game” float around and I won’t try to analyze it. Let’s just say that it’s whatever it takes in a certain situation to make the desired connection with some desired female.

1849-1-en-60f292737cfd7660ad7b4d92bfc90cf3The game among prostitutes in Costa Rica and the game among non-pros in Miami is very different, and nobody would argue with that. But letting go of old habits and mindsets is a bitch. Even when the rational part of the mind KNOWS the difference, the habitual and non-rational part disagrees with the rational. Getting your mind all on the same page can be difficult, and from what I’ve seen there are a lot of guys that struggle with it. But the starting point has to be a basic recognition of the reality of the situation in THIS country with the chicas HERE.

Item one is realizing THEY are after YOU, not vice-versa. Yeah, you want some of them, but they ALL want YOU. Or your money, which amounts to the same thing. The ramifications of this simple fact are profound, but not immediately obvious. For example, if a rather attractive female came over to your table in a bar back home and told you she wants to give you a great massage and blow job… well, the likely reaction would be “Let’s Go!” The newcomer will undoubtedly be approached with this sort of proposition and reflex reaction is the same as back home, but the rational part of the mind says “wait a sec, dude, this is going to cost you.” The next reasonable thought is “is this THE girl I want to spend my money on?” There is just too much to discuss to put in one post, so this will be continued. Soon, I promise.

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