He Would NEVER Pay for Sex

8389466_mlIt can be a matter of pride. The idea never occurred to me until I was approaching 50. I wish it HAD occurred to me, but I never seriously considered it. I don’t think I was too PROUD as much as I had a lot of preconceptions about the whole business. And at the time and place I was, my preconceptions weren’t too far off base. The options were streetwalkers, which was a very scary proposition, trying to find some sort of sex on the back page of the local “underground” newspaper, or drive to Nevada to one of the legal brothels. The internet wasn’t a factor then.

And up until my late 40s, I was pretty much able to find sex at least once in a while. But the writing was on the wall. Finding “casual” sex was slowly going to ride off into the sunset. I was in Germany, working, when I first considered actually paying for sex. I was a few hours away from the Czech Republic, and the US dollar was strong, so I decided to give it a try. After that, I still did what I could to “score” when I thought it was possible, but I knew, in the back of my mind, that there was always the “pay for play” option.

To get back on topic, I have heard the “I don’t pay for sex” bit more in Costa Rica than before I moved here. I suppose that’s totally understandable, precisely BECAUSE “pay of play” is all around. It’s hard to imagine anyone living around San Jose who is totally unaware of the prostitution scene. And among single men? Even those who refuse to employ professionals, they most certainly have friends who DO. After all, who else would they be saying “I don’t pay pay for sex” to? Their minister?

This is totally a cliche, and I hesitate to repeat it, but I will anyway. The most expensive sex is sex you don’t pay for. If, by some chance, you have not heard that before and it sounds odd, the statement usually comes from divorced men who divide the cost of what they lost via divorce divided by the number of times they had sex with their wives. I’m sure there are exceptions, but you get the idea. Here in Costa Rica, in San Jose in particular, it’s literally cheaper to go to a decent “massage parlor” and get your ashes hauled than it is to take the girl to a restaurant for dinner and a drink or two.

1681-10-en-52b3bda6961c8043e3abfc52f26338c9I know a couple of guys here who still think they are going to save money by having a ‘steady’ girlfriend or even getting married. I haven’t seen it work out that way, but it’s not my place to tell anyone how to live his life.

Honestly, I do admire men who can be satisfied with one woman their whole lives. My father was like that. I have NO idea where I got MY mongering genes from. Not my mother… I hope…

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