Audiobook of Dances with Prostitutes

!acx DWP 2It’s not yet available for sale, but “Dances with Prostitutes – Costa Rica Style” will soon be available as an audio book. Obviously I want it to be a success, but more than whatever money it makes for me, it was a LOT of work.

When I started the project, I knew there would be some obstacles. First thing I had to fight was the noise outside my bedroom, where I would be doing the recording. My window faces two bus stops, and there is a lot of traffic besides buses on the Avenida. The buses stop running at 11 pm, so my recording sessions had to start after 11 to avoid the noise of the buses. I wish buses were the only problem, but Ticos are very fond of revving up their engines, particularly guys on little motorbikes. I would start out a sentence or paragraph, but have to come to a screeching halt in order to avoid very ugly background noise.

5530608446_6bce38e85e_oThe second problem was me. I knew from a long long time ago that I make mistakes when reading aloud. What I did NOT realize was just how often I made them. Add to that the fact that when I was writing, I paid no attention to difficulty of pronunciation. When I was reading what I wrote, silently, I was generally satisfied with how it sounded IN MY HEAD. Ah, but when I read silently, I did not have to actually pronounce the words, which turned out to be tongue twisters a lot more often than I would have liked. I have no idea how successful the audio book will be, but if it sells even modestly, I may do one of my other books, “More Dances with Prostitutes” or even “Clueless Clyde.” I would be inclined to do “Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica” but I think it requies a female voice, perhaps even one with a Latin American accent. I have a lot of Latina friends but none of them can read English very well and their accents are a bit TOO thick to make listening easy.

On the subject of “Magdalena,” it is selling reasonably well, though it could be a lot better. If you read it, or any of my books, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would log in to, go to the review page for “Magdalena” and add your review. There is no such thing as too many reviews. More reviews will enable me to promote my book on websites other than Amazon.

!t Clyde 1Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who bought any of the books. Next post will be about the “birth” of “Clueless Clyde.” In honor of that, you can download part 1 of the Clueless Clyde saga FREE. CLICK HERE!!!! See you soon, buckaroos!

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