The “Working Girl’s” Point of View

iStock_000018881251SmallI almost titled this “Know Your Enemy” but other than being a cute title, it’s really not true. The sex workers are NOT our enemies, although there can be points of contention. But we’ll get to that later. Right now I want to share something with you, namely, a GREAT blog by a retired call girl, Maggie McNeil. I’ll post the link later on.

Some “mongers” view the interaction between the workers and the mongers as adversarial, some sort of contest. There’s no denying that some of the “workers” feel the same way. It’s like any business with an employer and a worker in many respects. There are employers who want to get the most “work” out of their employee, and pay the least possible. There are employees who try to do the LEAST amount possible in return for their pay, and will even steal to augment their pay. There are employers who believe in giving their workers fair, even generous compensation to get the job done, and there are workers who believe in doing the best job they possibly can. Just because it’s sex work, it’s a mistake to think the rules don’t apply.

I like to think I am an “employer” who is willing to pay a fair “wage” for an honest day’s (okay, hour’s) work. I hope for an honest effort to do a good job, though I realize I won’t always get a good job every time, any more than a working girl can expect top pay or a good time with every potential or actual customer.

The best times I have with chicas are when they are enjoying their time with me. I know there are other mongers that actually enjoy being mean to their “employee of the hour,” and there are “workers” who will put up with it for the money, and even some that probably enjoy it up to a point. I have heard of stories from some of my hooker friends of mongers who enjoy being humiliated in some very strange ways. Perhaps there are chicas in the business who are the female equivalent. But let’s ignore the extremes for now.

I would suggest that for most mongers, understanding our partners in pleasure is a GOOD thing. In that vein, I would like to recommend a web site, and in particular a “guest post” from an independent sex worker who decides to give work in a (legal) Nevada brothel a try. Click here.

The blog itself can be found here, and it has a wealth of posts. Now, don’t abandon me please, but Maggie’s site is great. Click here to visit Maggies “The Honest Courtesan.”

It’s probably obvious to anyone who reads this blog that I am sympathetic to the girls, even though they don’t all have hearts of gold. Even with the liars and thieves, I am still interested in knowing what makes them tick, even the bad ones. That interest impelled me to undertake the “Magdalena” project, which was quite a lot of work, but is something I’m quite glad to have finished.

MagPoster03uSo, I recommend Maggie’s blog, and if you want to understand the life of at least one working girl better, you may want to check out my book: “Magdalena – A Prostitute’s Life in Costa Rica.”

By the way, if you downloaded a free copy of either “Dances with Prostitutes” or “More Dances with Prostitutes,” I would REALLY appreciate a review on Amazon. They only require about 25 words or so and a rating between 1 and 5 stars. I would ask that if you can’t give it a 4 or 5 star rating, don’t review it because low ratings make it difficult to even give the books away.

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