The Puritans Are Coming

!offerThey probably aren’t LITERALLY coming. Or if they are, they are doing it in secret. But make no mistake about it, there is a serious effort afoot headed by the New Puritans to criminalize anything to do with sex and lots of things that don’t necessarily have anything to do at all with sex. The more I read from these fanatics, the more I think they won’t be happy until the internet is shut down.

Take this excerpt from Modern Times (Thanks to Maggie McGill of The Honest Courtesan)

…“The technology of…phones and…computers and everything…is also a curse because we can’t track all the places our kids go,” said Kathleen Winn…[of] Phoenix’s sex trafficking task force…“we can’t control who reaches our children.” Social media…provides an egress for pimps into the lives of their victims, and a way for them to monitor their victims, according to…Dominique Roe-Sepowitz…the Phoenix Dream Center, a task force affiliate…said…“We even try to break up Internet businesses…We are looking for ways…[to destroy]…they make millions of dollars a year on their adult services ads”…

So… I guess we are supposed to believe that primarily serves to hook pimps up with little children. Uh… really?

Put in the simplest of terms, Bauer said Backpage serves as a marketing firm for sex traffickers.

“Most of them are pimps,” Bauer said. “They’re clever, they’re smart, they’re competent people, who are teaching street people to sell people. Backpage helps pimps do their job less obviously, and the courts have been hostile to cases like ours. And you don’t want a defeat while you’re moving up the appellate ladder.”

!0803Well just in case you had any doubt, there it is in black and white. It has to be true, because this Bauer guy said it. It helps to have a forum where you can expound your deeply held beliefs and not have to provide a single shred of data. To the True Believing Puritan, it is just NOT POSSIBLE that a woman would EVER become a prostitute of her own free will. No effing way! All those advertisements that used to be on Craigslist and have moved over to are actually evil pimps who are forcing their sex slaves (most of them children, apparently) to do this dastardly work while they, the pimps, live in penthouses and drive Cadillacs (or is it BMWs now?) and have a giant diamond ring on every finger. It HAS to be true because the Puritans KNOW it is! It’s called FAITH, BABY!

Well, there’s no point in arguing with a True Believer. Other than calling themselves Christians, there’s no difference between the neo-Puritans and the Taliban. If they had their way, women would be forced to cover themselves from head to toe to prevent “exciting” the REAL victims, the poor men who just can’t control themselves.

It seems a world away when a rape victim gets stoned to death in Pakistan, but there is a well known religious college in the USA where rape victims are counseled to ask themselves how they sinned to invite being raped.

Only a difference of degree.

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