Good Professional, Bad Professional

7745409870_72fc1f3164_b120052280_883181c270_oWhen I was new to the whole Costa Rica monger “scene” I often heard (or read) guys saying that they looked for the “fresh” girls and avoided the “hardened pros.” Well, I understood the “hardened” part and why that was something to avoid, but what was wrong with a pro? I mean, if you were looking to go to a dentist, would you want an amateur? Of course not. Ah, but there’s a difference between a dentist and a prostitute! Obviously! But… why is a pro good in one field and something to avoid in another? It took a while but I think I have a grasp on the topic so I’ll do my usual analysis.

I have found some very seasoned veteran chicas who are very good in bed and nobody could accuse them of being “fresh” to the scene. Likewise I have met some newcomers to the trade who were simply godawful. But there is some truth to the idea that there is such a thing as a “hardened pro” and such a thing as an enthusiastic newcomer. For now, I just want to talk about the “pros.” We’ll leave the “fresh to the scene” ones for a later post.

So, as most of the veteran mongers know, there are a few pretty well known “good” professionals who’ve been working for a decade or even two but are still a joy to spend time with, at least that’s the overwhelming consensus among their clients. And if you hang out in the Del Rey and talk to some of the veterans they can point out a handful or more chicas who LOOK hotter than Hell but are lame in bed. They are “professionals” just like the enduring favorites, but if they have fans, they are few and far between.

So, just what is the difference between a “good professional” and a “bad professional?” Some things are obvious. There are “pros” who really couldn’t care less if their clients had a good time as long as they got paid. There are some who have a lot of rules and things they won’t do. Another “bad” type is the one type that are simply bad actresses. They WANT their customer to have a good time, as long as he doesn’t expect any REAL passion from his “date.” She may perform all the customary and expected services, and she may supply appropriate sound effects, and that may work just fine for some, but most of her clients won’t give her five stars.

!!!!!paLet’s close out with two pros I have been with, a good one and a bad one. The bad one was actually the most expensive girl I have had in Costa Rica. Her face and body were far above average. She had a charming personality and even spoke decent English. And actually, the non-sex part of our date was just fine. I liked her as a person. But the sex? It was going through the motions and no more. I’ve been with enough women to know that only bad porn actresses (and bad pros) start screaming from the get-go. Only bad pros start calling for “leche” long before their client is close, and don’t seem to be able to tell WHEN their client is close, and don’t care.

On the other hand, there was a chica who worked the Molino Rojo whose popularity was well deserved. I saw her go with four clients in two hours and she had the boys waiting in line. My curiosity got the better of me eventually and after we were done I understood. The lady’s great gift, aside from being physically attractive, was her empathy and genuine desire to make her client happy. She seemed to enjoy herself, but when you were with her you felt like she was really there to make you happy, not just to make you cum and go.

There’s more to it than that, of course. There are girls who just naturally have “the knack” and those who will NEVER have “the knack.” But it’s attitude that really separates the “good pros” from the “bad pros.”

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