A Little on the Side

Old joke:

“Hey Bob, you been getting any on the side?”
“Roy, it’s been so long since I got any, I didn’t even know they MOVED IT!”

It doesn’t amaze me anymore when I run into guys who say they are married or have a girlfriend and still like to partake in a little extracurricular sex. It should never have amazed me, but live and learn.

I should point out that I, personally, have never been married and I have never even been close. When I was younger I just assumed I was a late bloomer and I would eventually fall in love, get married and all that. But as the years passed I eventually realized that it was nothing I wanted. Yes, I enjoyed the company of women and even tried the “girlfriend” approach a few times, but in the end I preferred to remain a free agent.

Still, I understand the urge to have somebody “special,” or to BE “somebody special” in a lady’s life. I’ve been mongering for almost fifteen years now, and I still look for the GFE (girlfriend experience). I just don’t want an ACTUAL girlfriend.

But there’s nothing wrong with those that DO want an actual girlfriend. And there are some guys that are totally content with that ONE someone special. I don’t meet a lot of them in Costa Rica, however.

What I do meet are guys that are in relationships and still aren’t totally satisfied by what their wife/girlfriend offers. Oh, they may be quite happy with their “significant other,” but they still seek a little outside “action.” In most cases, they know they have to hide their outside activities from their partner, but they don’t feel they are really doing anything wrong, since they aren’t looking to replace their partner. It’s just a little fun, nothing serious.

Dances with ProstitutesI suppose there may be a small minority of guys who wouldn’t care if their partners were getting a little on the side too. But as I say, I suspect it’s a small minority. But that’s really irrelevant. You can say that men and women are different, and you’ll get no argument from me. And other than the unlikely chance of picking up an STD and giving it to one’s partner, what the partner doesn’t know won’t hurt her. There’s always the risk that the girlfriend/wife will find out. THEN the feces will hit the fan. But a little danger spices up life, right?

I feel pretty luck in that I have a few working girls in my life who give me a nice GFE and make no demands once they are out the door. The biggest difference I see between myself and guys who want an actual girlfriend is that they either want or at least don’t mind having somebody hanging around all day. For me, I’m happy when they are with me (for an hour or so) and happy when they are gone so I can get back to my “real” life.

Different strokes for different folks.

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