Whatever Turns You On

I suppose that almost all of us can agree that Miss Universe is attractive. On the other hand, I am pretty sure I have met guys who would not choose her first were she to be working one of the San Jose pickup bars.

I know quite a few guys who would bypass her for the simple reason that she is 5′ 10″ tall, without heels! Personally, I’m very fond of tall thin women and she definitely fits that bill, but my friends who are, shall we say, vertically challenged(?) would be less enthusiastic. I have one friend who is reasonably tall who still likes his women short, from maybe 5’4″ down to 4’8″ or maybe shorter. He’s not into dwarfs (as far as I know) but he does like them short.

I know a guy who would bypass her because she is too pale and her hair isn’t curly enough. I know another one who would pass her by because her butt wasn’t big enough. Another might find her chest uninspiring. Personally, about all I find wrong with her is that she looks too EXPENSIVE. And maybe she’s a little intimidating?

I’d say the most common preference is for the “spinner” type. I certainly don’t mind a small, slim girl, though as I have said, I do like tall girls. I would say a large majority of guys prefer flat stomachs, but a flat stomach on a girl with a homely face can count less than pretty face on a somewhat more voluptuous chica.

Miss Costa Rica 2013… only 5′ 7

Although I have heard many, many guys say how they dislike over sized silicone tits, still a lot of girls are willing to pay a substantial amount of money to get their chests augmented, sometimes to absurd proportions. And don’t EVEN get me started on butt implants!

I presume there’s a market for all that or there wouldn’t be a supply. On the other hand, I don’t know that there’s nearly as much of a market for heavily tattooed women and pierced noses as there is a supply of them, but I’m of an older generation. Maybe it appeals to the 20 to 40 set.

Once again, thanks to all who have bought any or all of my books and there’s a new one coming out soon that I am really proud of, but I’ll hype that in detail when it becomes available. Till then, party on and be excellent to each other.
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