Do You REALLY Get What You Pay For?

5486604_lShort answer: sometimes. Long answer… take a seat, this’ll take a while.

I was talking to a fellow gringo in the Del Rey about negotiating with the working girls. We were talking about the bargaining process and he wondered if bargaining a chica down from her asking price might not cause the service provider to give less than her best. I thought it was a good question and worth looking into.

I WISH the answer was simply yes or no. If I had to give a yes or now answer, I suppose I lean towards “no.” In general, and this is only in general, you get what you get with any chica you employ. Some chicas are going to be good even if they aren’t getting their initial asking price, and some chicas are going to be bad even if they DO get their asking price. Apparently there’s a saying going around among young schoolchildren that goes “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” If only mongers were that mature! In my reasonably extensive experience, I have found that most chicas really have one speed, whether it’s cold fish or off-the-chart nympho. In MOST cases, they do NOT change their service based on what you are going to pay them. The most I ever paid was for a very sexy and charming girl whose performance was as fake as a three dollar bill. On the other side, I have been with very attractive chicas who accepted a very modest offer and were great in bed. The main determinant in their performance is between their ears, not in your wallet.

I do have to add a few amendments to the above. If you REALLY lowball an offer, which in Costa Rica is anything under $40 for almost any independent (as opposed to massage parlors and fixed price places) there is a fair chance she is only accepting the offer because she is desperate. She may be desperate because the rent is overdue, or she may be desperate because she needs another hit of crack. Making a really lowball offer like that classifies you as a cheap bastard in her book, and she probably won’t bother trying to impress you because she doesn’t want cheap bastards as her steady customers. I do know one girl who does have a cheap bastard as a steady customer, but most other girls of her general type (older, not too attractive) want nothing to do with the guy.

IMG_4122The other exception is when you want special services. I don’t want to go into just what sort of services those might be. Some are pretty tame and others are ones I find very distasteful. But if you want something out of the ordinary, or even sometimes not too unusual such as a bareback BJ, you may be asked for a tip (propina), or if you are smart you specify what you really want beforehand and it gets factored into her price.

One of the things it REALLY helps to get past is the idea that you need to worry about the chica’s reaction to your offer. Know what you would LIKE to pay, know what the MAX you’ll pay is, and if she doesn’t like that, don’t worry about it. So what if she thinks worse of you for not offering her full price? It’s not up to you to meet her demands. If she can get $100 and you don’t want to pay $100, you should both walk away with the feeling that it was no big deal. If she’s disappointed or insulted by your offer, that’s HER problem, not yours. As long as you are respectful when you make your offer, she has no cause for complaint. As long as she is polite in her refusal, YOU have no cause to bitch. Both of you have plenty of other options and your time is better spent exploring those options than stewing on a failed negotiation.

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