Breaking the Cien ($100) Barrier

Sexy sensual middle aged ethnic woman in lingerieI’ve done a fair amount of negotiating with working girls and spent a fair amount of time thinking about it and discussing it with other mongers. Therefore I am going to share the results of my efforts with my esteemed readers.

I will begin with the #1 rule, one that is as close to written in stone as I can imagine: NEVER negotiate with a working girl within earshot of any other working girl. The only possible exception to this rule is if you are negotiating for two (or more) girls (together) at a time. Almost every time I have gotten a better than average deal with a chica, right after she agrees my offer, she will add “but don’t tell anybody how much you paid, okay?”

Peer pressure and pride operate among them probably to a greater degree than even among the monger community. Just as some mongers are angry at guys that overpay, saying “they ruin it for the rest of us,” working girls don’t like it when other working girls undercut the going rate… it “ruins it” for the chicas, from their viewpoint. So if you’re going to try to get a deal, don’t do it where another girl can overhear you.

To be specific, independent working girls in the Del Rey, Key Largo and Sportsmen’s will generally ask for $100 for an hour, and some will even ask more if they think they can get it. There may be some who won’t budge from $100 for anybody, ever. Most that I have seen will come down at least a little, and some will come down a lot. There are a number of variables. The biggest factor is simply the degree to which she wants (or doesn’t want) to be with you. A classy, young, handsome, respectful guy who speaks Spanish will usually have better luck than an ugly, old, smelly, vulgar groper who thinks everybody should speak his language.

265509273_8a6ebb09eaAssuming you don’t do your negotiating in front of other chicas, there are only a few reasons a working girl will refuse to budge from $100.

1. She is so popular she can find somebody else to pay full price (in the very near future)
2. She THINKS she’s so hot she deserves top dollar, regardless (big ego)
3. She doesn’t want to be with you
4. She doesn’t want to be with ANYBODY, but she wants/needs the money

If the reason is 3 or 4, you are lucky you didn’t employ her. Reasons 1 or 2 MIGHT turn out to be good, but only if 3 and 4 are NOT the case. I’ll have more on negotiating and the selection process in upcoming posts.

* * * * *

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