Boots on the Ground Report

Arcadas Entrance at NightI need to get out more! That’s the biggest conclusion I take away from an extensive tour I did for a newcomer to San Jose. There were a couple of very pleasant surprises and I got some much-needed exercise.

We started out on a Saturday night. My “client” met me in the hobby of the Del Rey Hotel. He was staying close by and had already employed one of the working girls the night before. Like many first timers, he had paid full price, that is, $100, and was satisfied, if not thrilled with his “date”s performance. But he had been reading this blog and knew there were other options, and much cheaper options.

Because he had done a bit of reading, specifically Daniel Caro’s “Sex Travel Guide for San Jose Costa Rica.” He wanted to see Sportsmen’s Lodge before we headed out to see some of the “night clubs” (strip clubs). We took a quick walk through the Key Largo, but it was too early to be interesting, other than architecturally. Sportsmen’s was reasonably busy and there were a fair number of appealing chicas there. But we were out on a reconnaissance mission, so we didn’t linger. Next stop was Arcadas, on Calle 2 near Av 10. The lineup was mostly uninteresting to my client, so we moved down the street to the Molino Rojo. It was a little early for the Molino Rojo but we did get to see a dancer named Kimberly do a nice pole dance.

Next stop was Las Margaritas, which had a pretty decent selection, though the dancers weren’t too exciting while we were there. The next stop was Nicole/Josephine’s, which definitely had the prettiest chicas of anywhere we had been. As this was going to be our last stop of the night, my friend decided to give one of the several attractive girls there a try. He picked a pretty, young and slim girl and they headed back for some up close and personal time. I think it was around $40 for a half hour, but I may be mistaken. I thought it was quite reasonable considering how attractive some of the girls were. While my friend was busy, I sat and watched some VERY impressive dancing.

Pension New FantasyThe next day was Sunday, and I warned my friend that Sunday was going to be dead, but he said he just wanted to get an idea of where things were. We started out at the New Fantasy. There were maybe four girls there when we arrived at about 11 30. I told him it would get busier later and weekdays were better than Sundays. We next walked past Zona 2, but it was closed. Scores, next door, was open, but the bar was empty except for the bartender. We moved on down Avenida 7 and poked our heads in Jet Set 2. There were perhaps 5 girls there but they were all rather wider than my friend cared for. Next stop was Calle 6 and it’s 4 in a row pensions/MPs/brothels. Portugese had a fair number of girls working, but almost all were rather wide, as were most of the other girls in the other places. Liliam’s had one or two flacas among the gordas, but we weren’t looking for company, just doing a recon mission.

Next on the itinerary was the Soledad area. Being Sunday, the only place open was Relax, which had a pretty decent selection considering it was Sunday. Idem was closed. We then made stops at the Mansion (near the Pantera Rosa) and the place next to it, whose name escapes me. Both suffered from the Sunday syndrome, but I personally could have found a companion had we not been on a mission.

We agreed to call it a day and hook up the next day to explore Paseo Colon. We took the Sabana Cementario bus from the gulch for a staggering 30 cents each. First stop was Oasis. Two chubby girls gave us the prices and we moved on. The next stop was 360, and I would say it was one of the high points of our day. There were perhaps 8 to 10 chicas there and almost every one was quite appealing. The price was only a little over $20 for a half hour and quite a bargain considering the quality offered. Next stop was Golden, where, once again, we encountered a nice lineup, including a lady who was, a few years back, considered perhaps the best in the business. She isn’t as slim as she was but still looks very appealing. I made a mental note to return ASAP.

We visited Veronica’s and Sala Wilma next. Sala Wilma had one cutie but I’m not sure I’d go out of my way hoping she’d be there. 360 or Golden is a much better bet.

!0775 - CopyWe did another walk through Soledad and got to see Relax at full strength, which was quite impressive. We hit a couple of more in the neighborhood, where quality was generally good even where numbers weren’t large. To finish up we looked for the supposed 360 that was downtown. We found the place, but it had a new name now, Hotel Panorama or something like that. Not easy to find but there were a couple of pretty sexy girls there.

Last stop was the Bar Camelot. Nothing to shout about but we were rather early and drinks/beer was cheap. I’ve been there before and it can get good sometimes, but it’s a crap shoot.

All in all, I would say 360 is a must see, and Golden is close both geographically and in terms of quality. I really need to see that chica who got all the raves a few years ago. She looked so sweet, I had a hard time getting her out of my mind!


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    1. Hey Daniel,
      I’m returning to San Jose 5/16-17-18 just for a short trip. Will you be around at that time?


    2. Great article, thanks! Any tips for where a traveler to San Jose on a poorly timed trip could find a good time on Easter Sunday, or today, the Saturday before?

      • Thomas O'Brien says:

        A little too late, sorry. I hope you found some company. Friday was probably grim but I saw signs of life Sat and Sun.