Rediscovering Costa Rica

“Going in and out of style, but guaranteed to raise a smile…” True of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and true of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no monopoly on great places to vacation or even live, but the country has plenty to offer, its own unique combination of charms, so to speak, a combination hard to find elsewhere.
To mention a few alternate destinations that offer similar attractions, we would include Sosua in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Medellin, Colombia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and the Philippine Islands, to name a few. For North Americans, distance is a negative for Asian destinations, as well as Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Probably the most convenient to those living in the southern or eastern parts of the US or Canada is Sosua in the Dominican Republic. It was a long time favorite of Cuba Dave, who is considered THE expert on the place. Sosua offers a beach side setting and relatively inexpensive company. On the down side, the local “authorities” have been closing various “locations” and playing games with them. Then there is the variety issue. Plenty of attractive girls, but they are primarily of a certain look… dark and often of African descent. Nothing wrong with that in my book, but Costa Rica offers that as well, in addition to a lot of other shades and shapes. Medellin in Colombia has a similar variety of women, and I’ve been told it’s even less expensive and “higher quality.” That may well be so, but on the down side, Medellin is a BIG city, and I have been told that unless you speak fairly good Spanish, you will have problems there.
Tourism has been a little bit down in Costa Rica, but there is an upside to that. The ratio of working girls to customers has improved. In some of the usual spots it can seem a little “dead” but not because there are no girls out trying to make a buck, but rather because some don’t “work” as often because they don’t see as many potential clients. But what this means is that YOU, the customer, are in a better negotiating position. There will always be girls who stick hard and fast to the $100 price, but if you work it right, you can always get high quality for $60 or even less, depending on you language and negotiating skills.

Another thing I like about San Jose in particular is the weather. Right now it’s about as perfect as can be, with every day in the high 70s and no rain. Even when the rains come it’s not that big of a deal. The rain seldom lasts more than an hour and the cost of an umbrella isn’t going to put you over budget. Then there’s the proximity to Jaco, for those who want to mix in the beach experience. You can’t get to the beach from Medellin (except by airplane), just as it is difficult to get away from the heat and humidity in Sosua.

San Jose is also quite good for having lots of daytime options and being mostly walkable. There are also places to hang out with fellow gringo hobbyists, shoot the bull and have a beer. And there are casinos for those who have a system to win at blackjack or can tell which slot machine is read to pay off. You can enjoy the local beverages and cigars, and may even find an actual Cuban cigar if you’re lucky.
To sum it up, Costa Rica is still here and still wants YOU. If you haven’t been down in a while, I think you need to come back. If you’ve never been here, you need to give it a try. You won’t go home horny.

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    1. what no mention of panama city, panama??? the imported columbian’s are muy bonita!! the local women, imo are similar to the cr women. and panama city has world class restaurants, casinos and hotels!

    2. Edward Woods says:

      Try Boca Chica DR all colors and flavors also very reasonable.