Yes, I Was an Idiot!

True confessions time. But first, a video.

Alright, now for some embarrassing truth. Many years ago, at least 5, probably more, I met Giorgina. She had a pretty face and a bounteous chest. We went through the usual routine of a pay for play date, and we saw a fair amount of each other for a week or two. I finally had to back off because she kept telling me she wanted to get married and that was definitely not on my agenda. Still, we saw each other in the old NY Bar, and would occasionally see each other in the Biblical sense.

I had no interest in her as a girlfriend and eventually lost interest in her for sex, but I introduced her to a friend who liked her looks and they went saw each other once or twice. Well, it turned out to be a nightmare for my friend because Giorgina became pregnant. I was pretty sure it wasn’t my friend’s baby because Giorgina had been complaining of nausea even before they went out. But she wanted a blue eyed, pale skinned baby, and my friend had both those things going for him. When they had sex, she told him not to worry about the condom. He presumed it was because she was taking birth control. SHE told him not to worry because she WANTED to get pregnant.

As you might imagine, my friend was freaked out and felt tricked. Giorgina wanted me to tell him she wasn’t going to ask for any child support, she just wanted a gringo looking baby. My friend didn’t want anything more to do with her. I wish I had followed his lead.

When the baby was born, it was a little girl, and brown to the bone. It seemed that she had gotten drunk one night and had sex with one of the street hustlers that hangs out in front of the Del Rey, a dark-skinned Nicaraguan. There was no doubt the baby was NOT my friend’s.

Her life changed quite a bit due to her little daughter. She no longer had the freedom to go out and work or party when she wanted, and her finances were a problem. This is where I stumble back into the picture. I didn’t resume carnal relations with her, but I did agree to let her clean my house to help her out a little. BIG mistake.

To make a long story short, she stole from me, and not just little stuff, she stole two guitars, which was actually quite a feat considering I live on the 5th floor of a building with security. But she pulled it off. She had to have had help. She’s not very bright, and I’m sure it was one of her friends who was the “mastermind” behind it and her accomplice. Nevertheless, the guitars were gone and she was the only one who had the opportunity to steal them.

I couldn’t prove that she did it, but it was enough to tell her that because of the theft, she was no longer welcome in my home. She protested that she had nothing to do with the robbery, and that she was about to get kicked out of her apartment. I told her I was sorry, but I couldn’t support her.

Dead?Now for the cherry on top of the cake. She was on Facebook, and I got a message from someone, using her account, telling me that she had died of a lung blockage, and that they needed about $1500 dollars to ship her body back to Nicaragua, where she was born. As part of this song and dance, I was sent 3 photos. Two of mourners crying around a coffin, and one of Giorgina IN a coffin! Look closely at the photo of her in the coffin and you’ll see a watermark that says “”

In any event, I was “wised up” by this time and haven’t heard from her since. But what gets me most is that I knew her for so long and thought I knew her. I didn’t. Losing the guitars bothers me plenty, but being betrayed and being so wrong in judging her as trustworthy bothers me most. I’m not as bright as I thought.

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  1. Peter Robinson says:

    I greatly appreciate your candor. I’m in the Dominican Republic right now without my Kindle, but when I get home I will purchase a couple of your books. I hope you can replace your guitar soon.