San Jose Slice of life

Sexy latin woman in short red hot dressI was sitting at home, thinking about what I’d eat for dinner when I got a call from an amiga who is a semi-retired hooker. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with, and we decided to go have a cheap meal then a few beers.
She met me outside a hamburger joint and we had something to eat while she filled me in on some of the latest gossip. Her girlfriend had to leave her apartment because she was getting threatened by some of the local criminals. Just why is a story in and of itself but I’ll leave it at that. My friend told me that the “boss” of one of the gangs in the barrio is involved in some sort of blood feud with a rival gang and that there’s a “contract” out on him for around $50k. I could use the money but I’m not the hit man type.

When we were done eating we headed over to one of the gringo bars in the gulch. As expected, we both saw a lot of familiar faces. I said hello to a couple of gringo friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while, one of whom is the boyfriend of my amiga’s enemy-for-life. But no big deal. There were a few seats towards the end of the bar, and to get there I passed a hooker who came home one night with my roommate and in the process of greeting me spilled beer all over me. But hey, no hard feelings, I said hello and kissed her on the cheek. Next to her was one of the bartenders, off duty, whom I had promised to send some pictures I took at her birthday party. She hadn’t gotten them, so I got her email address again. Cute young thing with a very nice chest, but she’s a bartender and I avoid them for reasons I have explained elsewhere. Also down at the other end of the bar was my amiga’s old bosses from the Park Hotel, probably on the far side of 80 now, and an old customer from fifteen years ago.

We took seats at the end of the bar and to my surprise, yet another of the former New York Bar bartenders was now working there. I always found her quite attractive but rather sour of disposition. In her worst phase, she had just returned from the States where her brief marriage to a gringo had ended badly. Her mood was a lot better than before. We ordered two beers and were joined by an amiga of my amiga, a nice lady who isn’t particularly pretty, but she had lost some weight and looked better than before. So we chatted a while then decided to move up the street to the other gringo bar to have a couple more.

When we got there, there was already a party going. There were three gringos sitting at the corner of the bar and they were ordering up sort of shots to do with the bartenders. We sat down across from them and mostly just watched. There were two bartenders working, and the gringos were in a festive mood… the kind of mood guys seem to get in on vacation in a country where the money doesn’t look like dollars.

strokeskillsI admit to having a strong attraction to one of the bartenders, but I try to keep it in check, as per my rules for myself (which I break only with the greatest shame). So this bartender, we’ll call her Ms. X, was helping the three gringos have a good time. They were buying shots for themselves and the bartenders, and Ms. X was matching them pretty well. I’m not sure exactly why the gringos were ordering shots of Patron tequila, since it is one of the priciest liquors a person can buy in Costa Rica. I don’t dislike tequila and Patron is good tequila, but for those prices… well, it just seemed awfully wasteful. In fact, from where I sat, the whole “fiesta” the boys were having seemed somewhat silly. I guess they were just in a “wild and crazy” mood. The shots were flowing at close to $10 a pop, and I saw at least 3 or four rounds for 5 people, the 3 gringos and the 2 bartenders. Heaven knows what they had rung up before I even got there. But if you add up just what I saw, it came to two hundred dollars, more or less.

I will give the boys credit, or at least one of them. He was flirting and groping the cute bartender, who was putting up virtually no resistance. I suppose if the guy had pulled his pants down, or pulled her pants down (too far), there might have been a problem, but I can tell you that no bartender in the States or Canada would allow what I saw happening. But Ms. X was playing it up, and seemed to be having a good time of it. I can’t read minds so I don’t know what she was thinking, but the end result was not only her getting her share of the 10% service charge, but they left her (and the other bartender) a hundred dollar tip. AND… didn’t even try to get her to go to their hotel room after closing time, as far as I could tell. Generous guys.

The only other thing of note was a cute young hooker who wandered in and happily gave me her phone number. This was the second I had gathered that night. In other words, a typical night out in San Jose for a guy who can speak a little Spanish and isn’t too shy. Pura Vida!


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