Men About Town

6a500856-e97c-4652-91b1-165c5b5f75dfA friend came into town last weekend and as usual we got together for a little tour. Some guys head right for the Del Rey when they get here. Others head for Sportsmen’s or Zona 2. My friend heads for Calle 6.

Now, if you don’t know about Calle 6, I suppose I should give a short explanation. If you were to start at Parque Central, you would walk 3 blocks north (cross Av 2 and you are heading north) and 3 blocks west (turn left). There are four inexpensive “massage parlors” there on the left hand side of Calle 6. The price is low (under $20 half hour), the accommodations (?) varied and the quality of the “talent” is generally poor, HOWEVER… there are a LOT of girls there and there are almost always a few that are quite attractive. You don’t have to do the 250 lb grandmas, just look for the pearl among the swine.

In any event, my friend and I, along with another friend who lives here decided to do the low-budget nighttime tour. We started the evening at around 8 at VIPs Amon and Jet Set 1, off Calle 3 on Av. 11. Last time I was there, Jet Set was happening and VIPs wasn’t. This time, VIPs was ALMOST happening and Jet Set looked like a Sumo wrestler convention. I’m not one that insists on anorexia in my companions, but I do like them to weigh less than I do. Those who know me know that this is not a very stringent standard, but there were a lot of failures that night at Jet Set.

Our next stop was Nicole/Josephines, but it was simply too early and we saw ZERO customers and ONE girl, who was spotted very briefly before heading into the bathroom. We passed. The next stop was Monaco, which has decided to charge a cover charge. Having been in there too many times when the place was deserted, we decided to give it a miss and headed for Arcadas International, just up the street from the Molino Rojo on Calle 2 near Av 10.

This lady lives in the USA

This lady lives in the USA

Although it was still early, the dancing had begun and one of the first dancers was rather slim and pretty. Unfortunately, her level of enthusiasm was sub zero. She mostly just walked around the pole and made no effort to do much more. She didn’t appear to be ill, just totally not into it, totally not into being there. I understand that it’s hard to find a job in San Jose, but this girl had no business dancing for a living. Judging by her attitude, I can’t imagine she’d be any good in bed either, at least not with me.

A little while later came the most interesting girl of the evening, a rather youngish looking girl in glasses who danced quite nicely and had an attractive body. All three of us agreed that she was the pick of the litter, but it was still early and we had other places we wanted to check out.

Next up was Bar Argentina, which is on Calle 4 somewhere around Av. 12 or 14. It just so happened that it was the bartender’s birthday so we got to see a little celebration. It just happened to be my birthday too, and I mentioned it to the bartender. She gave me a FREE BEER! And then, she made sure I got a piece of birthday cake too. There were at least three quite do-able girls there, and we stayed for two beers, but we wanted to check out the Molino Rojo, so up the hill (not much of a hill) we climbed and entered the Rojo.

The talent level was fair and the number was passable. I was in the mood and saw four that I liked. Unfortunately, two were busy talking to local guys, and the other two didn’t seem to want to make eye contact with me when I approached them. I’ve found that it’s really not worth it at my age to waste my … energy(?) on a bum lay, so I gave them a miss.

There was one last stop before calling it a night. We walked through the Key Largo, and for a Friday night in the high season, it was pretty quiet. Almost all of the action was in the front bar where the disco was blaring and the locals seemed to feel most at home. I’m sure I could have found someone to come home with me but I was tired by that point and thinking I’d missed out by not grabbing the girl with the glasses at Arcada’s.

Oh well, the nice thing about living here is that there’s always tomorrow night and always more choices.


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