“Love” and the Single Gringa

What is life like for single Gringas in Costa Rica? I put out some feelers, and the end result is this blog.

All of the women I talked to had come down to Costa Rica on their own, not as part of a ‘couple.’ A common characteristic they all share is a certain courage in leaving the familiar behind in order to seek a more fulfilling life.

None was wealthy or interested in trying to ‘get rich’ here. Their goals were personal and ‘spiritual,’ for lack of a better word. My original interest was in the ‘social’ side of their lives since coming to Costa Rica, in particular, love, romance, and relationships. In some respects, results were pretty similar. Nobody reported finding ‘mister right’ in Costa Rica among either Gringos or Ticos.

As one woman put it:

“Romance? I kinda remember that word….

“I’m a single gringa who’s been living down here for 5 years also. Haven’t yet met a guy I would want to keep around for any length of time. Most guys here are pursuing their dream of having a lithe young 21-year-old Tica for stimulating conversation et al (LOL). Of those who aren’t, lets see, 60% are surfers (like golfers, only wetter, but just as obsessive — “gee honey, no I can’t go to that party, you see, that’s right in the middle of high tide” ), 20% are total losers who just want a free place to live, 15% came down here thinking they would miraculously change into someone smart, handsome, and of course wildly popular (um…if you had no personality before you moved here….), and that leaves us, what, 5% of somewhat decent, nice guys. Who just don’t live in my area.

“I’ve tried online dating. Not much luck, though I’ve met a lot of men, but most fall into those categories above. I’m not going the Tico route, just not.”

From another woman:

“Since the Tico men can be very persistent and seductive, (the Latin machista) and because they find full figured women sexy, I have had lots of flirtations and a couple of affairs with Tico men, but nothing serious…

“My generalized opinion of the gringos here, is that I don’t like many of them. They are into heavy drinking or partying, and into “being wealthy” here, in a way I find extremely obnoxious and offensive. (But this is the same as they are in the US)…

[Regarding relationships in general]
…at this point, I find its not worth the effort or aggravation, and I prefer to remain single. I have no hopes of finding someone, but its not an issue for me either way anymore, over many years I have learned to be happy alone, and now would be very reluctant to allow in anything that would upset my peace and sanity.

None of the women had future expectations of finding ‘Mr. Right,’ but there was no hand-wringing or cursing fate. One woman in particular felt that her situation was a good thing, allowing her freedom to cultivate diverse relationships and further her own personal growth. I admire that attitude… when life gives you pineapples, make pina coladas!

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