The Price/Performance Disconnect

e73ae55b-5d2d-44d5-b09b-40cf534949d0A well-heeled businessman from the Southern United States came down for his first visit to Costa Rica, and on someone’s advice, booked himself a room in the Del Rey Hotel. Obviously he knew a LITTLE about the scene down here or he wouldn’t have picked that particular hotel.

In any event, a friend of mine went to discuss business with him and I tagged along just to girl watch a little. Well, ol’ Earl liked the girls like any red blooded American man, but he didn’t like the ones he had ended up with so far. Paying a hundred dollars wasn’t that big of a deal to Earl, but paying it for a lousy shag stuck in his craw. He expected an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Okay, not day, but hour at least.

So far, he was batting around zero. Well, his luck was about to change. He was with a couple of old pros now. We COULD have tried to help him find a girl in the Rey who was going to be good once she got back to his room, but we asked him if he’d be interested in going to a place where he could have his choice of a dozen of so girls for around $25? Were we kidding? Are YOU kidding? What kind of place was it? Well, it wasn’t posh, to put it mildly, and it wasn’t well-lit, but if he didn’t like it we could always come back to where we started. He was game, so off we went to the Molino Rojo.

Well, our new friend from Dixie took a shine to the place right away. He LIKED the funky ambiance! We spotted a girl both my pal and I had been with, and had both found her both fun and as sweet as blueberry pie. She came over to say hello, as she always did when she saw either of us, and we asked our visitor what he thought of her. He liked her! He bought her a beer and she sat on his lap and cuddled with him. He was sold. Could he really take her back to one of the rooms and have sex for just $25 dollars? Absolutely! Well then, done deal!

CaptureWhen he came out about a half hour later, he had a big smile on his face.

“Boys, I just had ten times the fun for one tenth the money. Lucia is one of the best pieces of a** I’ve ever had!”

We were glad to hear it. Boy Scouts like us try to do a good deed every day.

There are guys who never leave the friendly confines of their hotel, assuming their hotel is a hooker hangout, and among those are doubtless some who never had a bad experience. Perhaps they have ESP or are just plain lucky. A more common experience is to pick a winner or two among a half dozen acceptables and a couple of bummers.

Who among us hasn’t heard the phrase “You get what you pay for?” That may be the case in some areas of life, but when it comes to “Love for Rent” in Costa Rica, it is NOT true at least as often as it is. In the places where the girls ask the most, I have heard many many stories from guys who paid top dollar and got bottom dollar service. Yeah, you do get what you pay for in some ways. That silicon chest wasn’t free, nor the butt implants or even the ugly tattoos. If she’s a knockout to look at, you’re probably paying for that more than anything else. If she enjoys sex and rings your chimes when you get her alone, then she was worth it.

The chicas know where the asking price is highest. Some are centerfold quality, others are “WTF is SHE doing here?” quality, but they all know that IF they snag a customer, they are going to make more than one of the fixed price places such as the Rojo. Calle Six is home to some very inexpensive pensions and massage parlors. Yet I have seen girls in there from time to time that seem FAR too attractive to be giving it up for less than fifteen bucks. But there they are, just like there are chicas strutting their questionable assets in one of the upper end venues who seem as out of place as a tarantula on a wedding cake. But there they are.

xxNothing is a given in this lifestyle, but I can tell you from experience that there are some girls who really LIKE to do the wild thing, and if they get 10 customers a day, they are in heaven. There are others who would rather have one customer a week, and if they didn’t need to pay the rent, wouldn’t bother with sex at all. And it has little to do with how pretty their face is or how hot their body is. Sure, we all like a pretty face and we all know what kind of body we prefer. But if that’s all you want, you might want to check out THIS SITE. These are real dolls, man!


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