Best No Sex the Clip Joint Stripper Ever Had

6a40b043-74a2-4f06-8c91-423f226dba8dForrest Gump’s mama was right. You never know what you’ll get.

I had been staying home a lot and decided it was time to at least go have a few beers at a couple of the gringo bars. I called Magdalena, a good friend who happens to be a semi-retired working girl. She was more than willing to meet me downtown, and thus we agreed to meet at Joe B and Karen’s around eight.

The place was maybe half full, and after we finished a beer or two, we decided to walk up the hill to Papi’s Bar. A change of scene seemed in order. Papi’s wasn’t all that lively either, but there was a futbol match on television and apparently it was a championship game between Liga and Heredia. I was more interested in what was going on outside than inside. Papi’s has a television screen that can be seen from the street, and it had gathered a bit of a crowd, including several motorcycle cops parked on the far side of the road, watching the game.

While this was going on I did my usual bit of people watching, paying particular attention to females as you might expect. I noticed a pair of females walking towards the bar from the direction of the Del Rey. One was tallish and dark skinned and the other somewhat shorter with a body style of, shall we say, rather exaggerated proportions? Okay, very large of bust and booty. I didn’t expect them to be headed for Papi’s but in they came and took seats across the bar from Magdalena and me. They looked like working girls, in particular the busty-booty one, but if they were on the job, they weren’t working hard at it.

Magdalena is naturally outgoing, and somewhere along the line she exchanged a few quips with the girls across from us. The darker one seemed a little bored or something but the BB (busty-booty) seemed to be out to have fun and we made eye contact and exchanged some smiles. I was with Magdalena and I also figured that even if BB was working, she would want more than I cared to pay. Still, no harm in flirting a little, and I did.

It got to be around ten and the darker girl wanted to leave. Magdalena also wanted to get back before the last bus left, so she suggested that BB come over and talk to me, that I’d “party” with her, at least as far as drinking and chatting with her in Papi’s went. It turned out that it was her birthday. Well okay, cool!

As we chatted, I learned that she was a stripper at one of the overpriced nightclubs that San Jose has to offer. Well, she had the body for it, that’s for sure. As we talked it came out that I lived near a nightclub where she had friends working. Why don’t we go there? she asked. I told her that I only had about twenty dollars on me and that was IT. She said she could probably get us in for free and we could just buy a beer or 2 and watch the show, maybe talk to a friend or two of her’s. Well, why not, eh?

We did get in for free, and the place was rather dead, but not completely. After our beers came, she began to give me a lap dance, which included pulling down her top to let me see and touch her augmented breasts. The surgeon did a good job. I enjoyed it, as you might expect, and she must have enjoyed doing it because there wasn’t any money involved.

Finally my money did run out, and there wasn’t much I could do about that. It was she who suggested we go to my apartment, which was just a block away. But, she warned me, no sex! Just friends having fun. That was okay with me. She had already shown herself to be quite a flirt and who knew what might happen in the privacy of my bedroom.

I had told her that I played guitar and sang some, so she wanted me to sing to her a little, which I did. She was sitting in my chair so I sat on the bed. After the first song I propped up the pillows and lay back. After about three songs she seemed satisfied and I suggested she come lay next to me. She didn’t hesitate. She lay next to me and snuggled up. No sex, she reminded me once again, but it became apparent that foreplay was okay.

4359543145_162a87d528_bThis reminded me of the old days when I would get a girl alone but the question of whether or not we would go “all the way” was in doubt. I actually enjoy that, so I called up my long forgotten skills at seduction and let the action begin.

It wasn’t long before the breasts were exposed and available for the sort of thing we men do with a woman’s breasts. She made no protest as my hand wandered down between her legs and her reaction was, shall we say, positive?

I don’t want to overdo the graphic bit, but when I told her I had a little vibrating toy, she was all for it. We carried on for a long time, getting more and more intimate until after two hours she was exhausted and I was a quite a happy camper myself.

I paid her taxi money home with what little I could dig up in the house, and she gave me her phone number and took mine. I’m hoping to see her again, but even if I don’t, it was an evening to remember.


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