MORE Dances with Prostitutes

What have I been up to lately? Why, writing another book, that’s what!
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As you undoubtedly gathered from the title, the new book is similar to “Dances with Prostitutes – Costa Rica Style.” Ther are the usual “amusing” stories, some rather strange ones, some sad ones and some that defy description.

BritneyRead about a Britney Spears lookalike and the young Angie Dickenson lookalike who was literally a choir girl. Read about a date that turned into a fivesome. Read about Rosa, a beautiful and charming chica who just never seemed to make the grade. Read about Alicia, the five star performer with the five star body working dives. Read about Gisela, one of the all time best who left the labor market to hook up with a rich young gringo.

Do you like to read about clueless gringos? Well, we’ve got that too, folks! Meet Tricky Dick, and affluent pensioner who can’t seem to find a girlfriend and can’t seem to control his Jeykl and Hyde drinking problem. Then there’s Bret, a case study in flakiness who seems to invite disaster wherever he goes.
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Meet Stone Face, the seemingly emotionless hooker who came to life in bed. Meet a pair of sisters whose hurried ways had a chemical explanation. All that and more.

MORE Dances with Prostitutes is a little bit more profane and a little bit more graphic than its predecessor. It’s not outrageously so but you may notice a little more grit.

So here’s one more title available in both paper and ebook format. It makes the PERFECT Christmas gift for fellow mongers, or your mother, sister or wife! Well, maybe not. But YOU can get a copy!





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