High Season on the Way

Lingerie ModelThe “season” is almost here, creeping upon us bit by bit. My own, unpatented theory is that the worse the weather is in North America, the more appealing Costa Rica becomes to travelers. Right now, San Jose is pretty warm, but the rainy season is tapering off. No rain at all the past two days, at least downtown. The rain isn’t really a giant concern anyway. Much more important to visitors is what they don’t have to endure back home. Snow is pretty, and all that, but if you aren’t a skier, snowboarder or snowmobiler, the charm is mostly visual.

It just so happens that Costa Rica’s “dry” season coincides with North America’s winter. I won’t go into why that is, although my one semester of physical geography is screaming for me to do it. But you may take it as fact that the driest and coolest weather in Costa Rica is in Februay. The transition has begun and the weather will be getting cooler and drier here for most of the country. Cooler is a relative term, of course. A “cooler” Jaco won’t require long sleeves even at night, and in San Jose it MIGHT, but it’s not a given.

I can tell you one thing, the chicas are HUNGRY. The “off” season is always something they have to endure, and they all look forward to the change.

It starts at Halloween, though some early birds might say it starts at Labor Day. Although Christmas to New Years is rather slow, the period between now and Christmas is lively, and after New Years until Easter it’s equally good.

7745409870_72fc1f3164_bIf you haven’t been down in a while, there have been a few changes. The former Hotel Little Havana has made like an amoeba and split in two. Where there was one bar/hotel there are now two. Gone is the name Hotel Little Havana. In it’s place we now have Scores and Zona 2. I like them both and they have been running a lot of promotions that are sure to appeal to many mongers.

The Key Largo now has a DJ in the front bar. It’s not my cup of tea but young whippersnappers might find it more to their liking than the rather tired “live” bands on the stage.

The Monkey Bar is gone, replaced in part by a 24 hour burger place that could help those who get hungry late and don’t want to pay Del Mar prices.

There is a new bar next to Papi’s, formerly Dos Gringos, and it seems to attract a pretty large local and young crowd. I can’t handle the decibel level myself, but you might like it.

Sportsmen’s is still a happening place, and the Amistad is running great deals on rooms with great meals included.

I was out and about last night and saw the girl of my dreams in the Del Rey. There were familiar faces and fresh faces, and the bodies that went along with them. The girl watching was good and will only get better as more gringos come down.

iStock_000015809505_SmallThat’s about it for my little update. I would like to warn you that I have yet another eBook/paperback coming very soon, “More Dances with Prostitutes.” It’s similar to its predecessor but with a slightly different flavor. Naturally I will be pimping it hard once it’s available. I’ll be including a few excerpts from it in my next blog post.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to come down and sample some of the goodies Costa Rica has to offer. Hasta luego, dudes!







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