That’s what I’m doing here, trying to increase sales of my latest masterpiece (?) “MORE Dances with Prostitutes.”

My latest effort is mostly new material, with a little re-worked material from long ago, stuff that the reader may have missed or forgotten. I sometimes wonder if I am writing too much too soon. I forget that not everybody is retired with hours to kill every day. My hobby, when not engaged in my OTHER hobby is writing and doing video and such stuff. My latest project is an audio book version of the first Dances with Prostitutes book. I am chronically tongue-tied but through the liberal use of editing I have been able to do acceptable versions of the first two chapters.

My eventual goal is to have everything I have written in audio form eventually. I am also working on a video interview, full length suitable for (cable) television with a friend who happens to have been a prostitute for over thirty years. As you can imagine, she has quite a few stories to tell. When I started the project I expected a lot of sex, but what I didn’t expect was all the violence. Another surprise was all the drugs. A middle class man from the USA can’t really conceive of the life in the poorer neighborhoods in and around San Jose, Costa Rica.

New material, new stories and crap happens every day in my life but even though they can be quite dramatic, I don’t publish them here (or anywhere) because they generally show just how STUPID I can be. I’m not quite as clueless as Clyde, but I have done more more than my share of stupid sh*t, and been the victim of my own stupidity more times than I care to think about. I do include some happenings that show me in a less than optimal light, but those who know me know I haven’t included all the possible stories that demonstrate my tendency to be over trusting.

You’d lose respect for me in the morning, I fear.

I ran across an article about corruption and honesty in “developing” countries that I found very interesting and spot on. If you want to understand the corruption and dishonesty you will run into in Costa Rica and similar places, I give this article a BIG thumbs up: Why It’s So Difficult to Eradicate Corruption





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