The Sound, Smell and Touch of “Love”

They used to say we human beings had seven senses. I think they may have added a few since the old days, but I don’t think we need to worry about sense of balance. If a chica makes me feel dizzy, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with my inner ear.

Vision is the sense that most of us rely on when evaluating a potential lover, and there’s a lot to be said for what you can detect just by looking and watching. But I would wager that we have all had encounters where one of our other senses played a significant role in the quality of the experience. I know I have.

Probably the second most utilized sense for most of us is hearing. The little video and the accompanying sound track is an actual recording of a session I had, approved by the “vocalist” herself. I have been with her numerous times and she is always equally vocal, and so far never only once per hour… usually four or five. I can’t say it is my incredible technique that elicits this response. I am pretty sure that any man who can ring her chimes at all will hear similar vocalizations.

But even before you get to the point of finding out if you have a screamer or not, you will undoubtedly hear her speak. Whether you can understand her language or not is a major factor, but even tone of voice or expression behind it can tell you something.

The sense of smell is something that I find more likely to be a negative factor than a positive one. There are a lot of women, (and men, for that matter) that seem to want to bathe in some perfume, cologne or aftershave lotion (men here). I can say that I like about half of the perfumes I encounter, and absolutely hate quite a few. But even those I rather like can be a big turn off if they are too strong. I have a theory that women and men who overdo the artificial scent bit probably have rather dull senses of smell. I have one chica that was very good in bed, and nice looking, but she wasn’t particularly clean and wore way too much perfume. Her last visit left such an after-aroma that I had to change the sheets because I couldn’t sleep with the overpowering aroma she left in my bed just from lying in it with me. I had to take a shower to wash the scent off myself. And the perfume in question wasn’t even one that I totally despised. But it was just too much. Way too much.

The sense of touch is something that I have come to value highly. I will freely admit that I love smooth skin and a firm body. There is also the sense you get as you trace the outlines of your partner’s body. A well rounded hip tapering to a nicely defined waist is a turn on, as is the touch of many other parts of the body which shall remain nameless because I don’t want to offend the sponsors.

4359543145_162a87d528_bThere is another aspect to the sense of touch, and that is what you feel when your partner is touching you. Some girls just have the magic touch and others don’t seem to have any idea what might feel good or even hurt in a man’s more sensitive regions. And some girls, through no fault of their own, just have rough hands from housework or some job they have. And then there is the touch of lips and/or tongue against lips, tongue or whatever… hers against yours, hers against some other part of you, yours against some other part of her. Once again, I will refrain from graphic detail.

But just to briefly revisit the sense of sound, I wonder if there is anything any more anti-erotic than the sound of “leche Papi!” after about two minutes of action? I once broke down and overpaid a really sexy looking Del Rey girl for an hour’s worth of “company.” If she hadn’t made a sound, or if she had must made a little sound after maybe ten minutes, I might have even considered employing her again. But as it was, her fake moans of ecstasy were a GIANT turn off, and it was only my determination to get SOMETHING for the money I had overpaid that gave me the will to put in the effort, and it took an effort, to “finish.”

I really wish that somebody would explain to the working girls that a little of the right sound or the right smell goes a LONG way, and too much is worse than too little. Much worse.

And although I know there are girls who LOVE a man who slathers on the Old Spice or whatever, I doubt there’s any working girl who wants to smell like Old Spice when she’s trying to entice her next customer. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but also maybe she will insist on a higher price if she knows you’re going to be the last customer she can do all night without taking a long, thorough shower.

I can only say that I would NEVER take a girl home who smelled like English Leather without being sure she was going to spend a fair amount of time decontaminating herself in my shower before crawling into my bed.

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