Del Rey and Key Largo Halloween + a WARNING!

!bloody waitress

The Del Rey Hotel, bar and casino and the Key Largo bar had their Halloween “party” last Saturday night, and I felt it was my duty to see what was up. I got there at eight pm, and things were just warming up. I was supposed to meed a friend there, but he was late, so I wandered around and took a few snapshots.

Since I was still waiting for my friend, and we usually meet in the lobby bar of the Del Rey, I had to suffer through the excessively loud DJ who was playing some sort of techno dance stuff that often consisted of nothing more than a thumping bass drum. As you might expect, there were plenty of girls dressed up, and zombies seemed to be a popular choice this year. A sexy zombie seems almost a contradiction in terms, but some of them pulled it off quite nicely. There were also quite a few sailor outfits, bee outfits and quite a few little red riding hoods. Most of the costumes looked store-bought. There were male customers who dressed up too. Plenty of gory outfits and one guy dressed up as a hundred dollar bill.
Some of the best and sexiest costumes were on the waitresses and bartenders, as usual. I have included my favorite here. She went for a zombie and leather look that was made quite appealing by what was inside the costume.

There were plenty of girls and plenty of customers, and even at an early hour I saw some of the girls taking their client in hand to the elevators to have a little fun and make a little (or a lot of) money.

Other than the annoyingly loud pointless DJ in the Del Rey Lobby, it was a good turnout and a good time seemed to be enjoyed by all.

NOW… A word of warning! Warning! Warning!

I am a Costa Rica resident, and I have a bank account at Banco Nacional. TWICE in the last few months, my ATM card has been cloned and money withdrawn from my account by thieves. I used to recommend using an ATM card to get cash, but I can no longer say that. A credit card is better because there are more safeguards. And for the residents here, I warn you that Banco Nacional is VERY difficult to deal with if you have been a victim of fraud. They aren’t all that easy to deal with in general. The second fraud is extremely obvious, but they hare hiding behind some idiotic rules of their own and stalling. I can wholeheartedly NOT recommend BN for those opening bank accounts here. I am going to open an account at BAC in the near future.

!captainThe technology that fraudsters have available has gotten a lot more sophisticated, but unfortunately, Banco Nacional seems incapable of preventing fraud and unwilling to do the right thing in making things right.

This week is the big Sportsmens Lodge Halloween party, and I am sure it will be off the hook, as usual. The smart insider money says Boyd won’t win the best costume contest this year. If you go, take pictures and feel free to send them to me!







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