Another Low Rent Saturday Night Out

DSCN0451As the saying goes, I don’t get around much any more. But a visit by an old friend who is one of the true explorers of the San Jose scene prompted me to leave my cocoon and see what was shaking on a Saturday Night in town. We were joined by another friend who shall remain nameless as long as he keeps paying the extortion money.

We started off from the center of town, more or less, at about eight thirty PM. It’s always a little dicey going out that early because many of the more interesting places are either dead or not even open yet. However, two places that are generally decent were a short walk from our point of departure, so we headed off to Avenida 11, Calle 3 and the combo of VIP’s Amon and Jet Set #1.

Not that long ago, VIP’s Amon was a reasonably reliable starting point, and usually there would be at least a handful of ladies inside even as early as eight. But the last few times I have been by, I didn’t do more than poke my head inside to see that the place was virtually deserted. But just next door at Jet Set #1, the place was packed with girls… more or less. It’s been next door forever, but in the past it seemed to offer only a small selection of LARGE ladies. But they now have a bar there, and the talent level has risen. It’s still not jammed with 10s, but my two companions and I all saw at least one girl that appealed to each of us, which is at least one more than formerly. I saw one girl who used to work at VIP’s there, and I asked her why it was dead next door. She didn’t have an answer, but the fact that she wasn’t there anymore told me that the tide had shifted. Will it shift back? Who knows?

Arcadas Entrance at NightOur next stop was down in the south central part of town, calle 2 and avenida 16 or so, a place called Bar Argentina. It’s a rather homey place, if your home is a low end bar, that is. But the vibe is mellow and once again, there were at least a couple of presentable girls there. Like Jet Set 1, the price was around 10k for full service. Unfortunately, the one girl I found most appealing was busy talking to some other guys so nothing happened to report on. My pioneer friend had been with one of the girls the night before and had a great time, but his ‘batteries’ were low and he thought he might return later in the evening if he got a second wind.

The next stop was Las Margaritas, just a block east. They have remodeled again since my last visit, for whatever reason, and the bar is now nearer the stage and the chairs are much more comfy. Most of the dancing and talent was so so but there were a couple of winners there. But once again none of us were inspired enough to pull the trigger.

The last stop on the tour was the famous Molino Rojo. It has undergone a bit of remodeling as well, with a new stage. Unfortunately, they keep the stage so dark that the dancers were almost invisible. The place wasn’t nearly as busy as in its heyday, but there were a few girls there that I considered attractive.

!069_69nhWhen we had finished our beers, it was decision time. The pioneer decided to go back to Argentina to hook up with the girl from the night before. My other friend and I decided to take a walk through the Del Rey and Key Largo. The Del Rey was so so, with a majority of the customers looking like locals. In the Key Largo, the “action” was mostly in the front bar area, around the disco. The area in front of the “live” band was pretty empty. Yet another proof that times change. People now prefer canned music. Oh well.

I was out of gas and headed home. I didn’t want to be too tired for the NFL season opener of my lifelong favorite team (they won). But San Jose is always interesting and I really do need to get out of the cave once in a while.

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  1. Always a pleasure to read your sordid tales of conquest in Costa Rica's sensual side.

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