More Dances with Prostitutes

There is a darker side to the “profession” and this video explores that side.

I saw “Natalia” on my very first visit to the Molino Rojo and her sex appeal was off the chart. I eventually got to know her (a little) and over the years I watched her decline. There are some girls who go into the business thinking it will be easy money and the stairway to riches, or at least the stairway out of poverty. There are a lot more who go into the business because they it’s just the best of a lot of bad options they have. I never discussed it with Natalia because deep conversations aren’t the rule and that isn’t the sort of question you ask a near-total stranger.


A fair number of the monger tourists come down to “party like rock stars” and the longer I observe the scene, the more I see that the working girls are are doing more than their share of partying as well. They may start out with some vague notion of making enough money to save a little, get ahead of the game and someday maybe open a little nail salon or something. There are a few I have known over the years who have found a way to survive without selling their bodies, but the majority aren’t that fortunate.

Every “venue” has its own rules and schedule, but speaking only of the Molino Rojo, it’s open from 8 pm until about 4 in the morning, give or take. So that’s eight hours, and that’s not any more than I used to work when I was a cubicle rat. And the work itself… well I can’t really compare the two. I did a lot of things I didn’t like and spent a fair amount of time just trying to look busy. The chicas that work in the Rojo don’t have to look busy or even interested, but there are a couple of things they DO have to deal with. One are the late hours and the other is boredom.

The boys who like to party like rock stars don’t seem to mind the late hours, and they don’t seem to be bored. If they get sleepy or bored, they can always call it a night and head to their hotel rooms. They can also avail themselves of the local PEDs, in the form of white powder or even the kind that comes in little rocks. And it should come as no surprise that the working girls do the same.

The surprising part is just how many do, considering how little they get paid. Each ‘client’ they entertain earns them maybe fifteen dollars, at most. The really popular girls may do a half dozen or more, but there are plenty who are lucky to average one customer a night. If you don’t believe me, go spend a night there and count the total number of times anybody goes back with a customer, then count the number of girls inside and divide the first number by the second. It won’t average out to a lot.

So start with a rather modest payday and subtract recreational substances and the result is…? Well, one of the really sad results is addiction. It obviously doesn’t make economic sense but drugs only make economic sense for dealers who don’t consume most of their profits themselves.

montage 1a

Getting back to Natalia, she was one of the more appealing girls who worked the Rojo back when I first discovered the place, in part because of her trim figure. And one of the reasons she was trim was due to her habit. The last time I saw her she had put on quite a bit of weight. I suspect she had stopped or at least moderated her habit. I didn’t ask. It could have even been a vicious cycle… she wasn’t getting enough customers to afford her habit, which caused her to gain weight, which resulted in fewer customers, which meant she couldn’t afford her habit, which… etc. etc.

In a way it makes me think of the girls working the Del Rey who get bored and pour money into slot machines. But as a great philosopher once said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

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Sexy African Woman in front of Hotel DoorMagda

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