Are the Good Times Over in Costa Rica?

39b2db7c-d24e-49cf-b155-76fab24ad525There were a lot of dire predictions back in 2010 when Costa Rica elected Laura Chinchilla as its president. She was an outspoken opponent of “the profession” and gringo tourists who came here to play around with working girls. I wasn’t one of those who thought the sky was falling, and indeed it has NOT fallen. There are as many or more working girls as there ever were. Whatever “venues” that have closed since 2010 have NOT been closed by the government. The administration here may talk a good game but they haven’t done much of anything… not that I’m complaining, mind you.

But that doesn’t mean that the “scene” here is what it used to be. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that there is no objective number to go by to measure how many mongers come down every year or how much they spend, but the general consensus is that “it ain’t like it used to be.”

IF this is the case, a natural question would be “why?” From what I read and hear, one of the following is the case:

• The girls are all too fat and/or unattractive here
• Thailand is the place to go
• Prices are too high
• The Philippines is the place to go
• The girls are all have attitudes and give bad service
• Sosua is the place to go
• The economy sucks up north
• Medellin is the place to go

Take your pick or come up with a new one. To what extent any of the above are true, a lot depends on who is deciding what is true or isn’t. But before we look at the above list, let’s discuss a few of the pluses of Costa Rica for hobbyists.

• Mongering is not illegal here nor is “the profession”
• The climate (in the central valley at least) is not overly hot and humid
• Costa Rica is relatively close to the USA and Canada
• San Jose is small enough and compact enough to navigate easily
• It is at least possible to get by here without a foreign language
• The language here is among the easier ones in the world for a gringo to learn

0c51a9cb-1f37-4467-8088-91377edec7faTo return to the first list of negatives, I will admit that there are quite a few working girls who could stand to lose a few kilos, or a few dozen, in some cases. There are also a fair number of “fuglies” working, too. Nevertheless, only on the most deserted and dead nights/days have I not seen several chicas who were quite appealing to me. Some guys seem to want every girl in the place to be a 10, even though they will only be employing one or two. I get it. But I still maintain that any monger who can’t find anybody to his standards is awfully picky.

Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian destinations have lots going for them. The one thing none has going is a short flight from the USA. Sosua in the DR is nice and close, and seems to have a lot to offer, but for me the heat and humidity isn’t my cup of tea, and I think the variety of physical types of company you can find in San Jose is more varied. But that isn’t a problem for some, and that’s great for them.

Medellin, Colombia seems to be then new destination of choice for many long time mongers who used to come to Costa Rica. And although I have not been there, what I have heard is almost all positive. It’s a little cheaper, the girls are prettier and the climate is as nice or nicer than San Jose. There are only two negatives I have heard. One is that the size of the place can be daunting. I have a friend who spends his mornings in San Jose walking from massage place to massage place, and he can easily visit a dozen, on foot, between ten and noon. I didn’t say he could session in all of them, that would require an awful lot of leche and he’d have to be very quick on the trigger, but he can definitely VISIT that many.

The one other minor negative I have heard is that it’s harder to get by just on English there. That wouldn’t be a problem for me, but it definitely would for some of my friends.

My own explanation of the decline, assuming there is one, is that it’s a combination of the reasons listed in the first set of bullet points. There are other destinations that appeal more to some of those who used to come here. The girls are slimmer on average elsewhere. Prices have gone up. And the main thing, in my estimation, is that the economy for Joe Six Pack (beer, not abs) just ain’t so hot nowadays. For every guy who still has a secure, well paying position or plenty of spare cash there’s another guy who USED to have a secure well paying job or spare cash but doesn’t now.

Bottom line, Costa Rica isn’t jumping like it was in 2004, but you can still have plenty of fun here. If you prefer someplace else or can’t afford to hobby any more, there’s nothing to be done for that, not from ME at least. But wherever you go and whatever you do, I wish you fun.

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  1. I've been to Costa Rica and returned from there it was the first time I wasn't happy to see LAX. Then I went to Thailand and Costa Rica has been on the bench ever since. I still wan them on the team just in case but there is no comparison. The women are much more attractive, slimmer and give you the true girlfriend experience.

    • Robert, as I say in the post, Thailand and other places are better destinations for some. It would not be my cup of tea but if it's yours, great.

      • Have you been to Thailand?

        • I've never been there. The reason I say it would not be my cup of tea is based on a few things.I can't handle hot humid climates. I can't handle long expensive airline flights. In general, I am not particularly attracted to Malay and Asian looks. I have seen some Thai girls who would definitely ring my chimes, though. I would also love the food. But to travel that far, pay that much for the flight and sweat every time I left an air conditioned building just isn't my thing.

          I'm not saying it's not great for others, but I am already in a place where I can walk a few blocks and find a girl for $15 if I want. It's hard to justify flying halfway around the world other than for the cultural experience. I'm not very rich and it would be a financial hardship.

    • I am expert on Costa Rica and well versed on Pattaya in T'land having been the 3 or 4 times. I love T'land girls give you great Girl friend experience, culture is great, golf is great, Food is great and prices are great. But Girls are not prettier then CR (smaller however lots of 90 pounders), It will be 90 degrees tomorrow, It is a 20+ hour trip from mid USA and expense to fly is more, and you are 12 different than EST. Not much sports on TV and those that are, are aim at Europeans. I like both but trip to T'land has to be for 30 days or more, I prefer 55 days or so. They only allow 30 so you have to go across border and then return or go to their offce and pay them and try and stay. Both work and I hope to return to T'land next year for last time since I am getting old.

  2. bob cobb says:

    Planning my virgin trip to costa rica. How does the girl pictured above rate with her competition?

    • The girls pictured in this post are considerably better looking than average in Costa Rica. I'd guess they would be above average almost anywhere but a modeling agency or beauty pageant.

    • She is better looking than any girl I saw in Costa Rica. I saw one as good as the lower one, two if you count the girl in front of the liquor store. However, the girl in front of the liquor store looked under age so we just drove by. Regardless, you will have a good time in Costa Rica. The Ticos are friendly, if you buy their domestic products it's like a 1/3 of what you'd pay in the States and most of the food is excellent. However, be careful if you don't like sour cream. I can't stand sour cream and they seem to want to with meals like we do ketchup. So, point out your tastes when you order. It's interesting when you go to the bank to change your currency. They have a line on the floor instead of roped of areas. I am sure you will have a good time.

  3. Cubadave says:

    I had a lot of great times in CR but things seemed to change about the time you are talking about, Your right it's not the same, but if it's your first time you will still find action and come away thinking CR is the spot to go – the decline was slow but every trip seemed to me that they were rolling up the welcome mat to the Gringos, and I could feel it so I took the advice of a friend a tried a new place, I went to Sosua and never looked back that was 3 years ago – CR are are like so many third world governments give them a chance to shoot themselfs in the foot and they will – working for the airlines I can fly free to Cr but instead I buy a ticket to Sosua (very over priced) that's how much I think CR has changed.

  4. The Philippines trumps Thailand for overall pricing and has a larger more welcoming population. Also no need for P4P if you want to get a girlfriend, there are literally millions ready and waiting and that speak english! Check out, a free dating website thats mostly filipinas looking for company. There are far less tourists and foreigners living there as well, so you don't have worry about competition. Costa Rica and the rising prices and bitchy attitudes and the 1 hour short times suck the fun out of the experience. I would rather spend 3-4 weeks at a time in the paradise of the Philippines, and hopefully move there one day in the next few years that short expensive trips to CR

  5. Brad, Thanks for the website, looks promising. I haven't been to the Philippines yet but I plan to. I studied Tagalog, read up on it and been asking around. From what I learned the crime rate seems to be higher and the girls are more possessive. They are even possessive if you PTP. If you want a girlfriend from the Philippines you don't even have to leave the States. They are all over the place at least in LA and they love to set up their friends with marriage minded men. A girlfriend will have marriage on her mind from what I've seen and experienced. Also, of all the Asian women those from the Philippines are the most likely to get fat. However, I must agree that the Philippines trumps Thailand for pricing.

    • Yes, most of the dating girls are marriage minded, but all will say this but jump at the opportunity to go out on dates to jollibee, or the movies or out to a bar/nightclub and to travel. The ones I have through dating sites are not looking for money but rather a boyfriend and they love the old fashioned boyfriend experience,like holding hands and dressing up in nice dresses to impress her date. They would like to get married yes, but enjoy dating, these girls rarely get out of the house to go to nice places, and alot never get to travel. as far as fat ones, all body types exist, but I see more thin ones …there in the Philippines itself that is, in the usa yeah maybe they eat to much like all americans do..As far as crime no worse than thailand, and if in business areas like makati, very safe and protected. And in angeles city, if you are barhopping on fields you are just fine, and use trikes at night to go to perimeter bars and common sense during the day,actually feel safer on fields than walking street pattaya because there is so much brawling among the large and varied foreign tourists clashing in pattaya, do see much of that on fields.

      • Oh yeah, need tagalog they speak good english, even if from a far flung province, they will speak better english than thais generally speaking

      • I imagine u meant u don't see a lot of tourist clashing on the fields. It sounds great. I guess u email the girl first and then go visit them. No? Also, I know Angeles City is the cheapest place around to get a pilots license. I appreciate the info.

  6. The biggest change I’ve seen in the last 11 years is the decrease in the number of columbian and nica women. Every trip you could count on seeing a new group of these beautiful ladies. I blame the stricter immigration enforcement. Ticas are fine but it was the varity that made San Jose a special place.

  7. i just get back from bangkok, it was fun..32 hours, airtime ,,or sitting in airport….i live 3 hours from miami….i book trip back to san jose….2 hours fly time…the girls are just as fun….and some are better, than others, but what is your time worth? keep in mind, when you fly to asia….you need day to recover..from fly time,,i feel more relax at del rey….and i know my way around town…bangkok was to fast to relax….and the street food , gave me the shits for 2 weeks….then it was time to fly back to keywest..with a depends, on he he he !!!!

    • I don't know why it took a day to recover. Get one of those doughnut pillows and sleep on the plane. I was at Kangaroo club the night I arrived in Bangkok after flying to Taiwan and Singapore first. The 2nd girl that came up to me at the club sat down and pointed to a sign that read "Best BJ's in Bangkok. So, she set the mood for the trip. The girls there am to please…….. Personally, I had no problem with the food and even drank the water from the tap at my hotel. Perhaps, the bottle of Scotch I had helped. As far as time goes, if u r pressed 4 time, I'd rather save up 4 a longer stay and go to Asia. After all, the biggest expense in time and money is the travel. After that, it's about as good as it gets from what I've experienced.

  8. Geoff Speed says:

    Colombia and Costa Rica..beautiful places….by far Colombia is the best. Have been to Colombia 25 times the last visit was in August of 2012. In Costa Rica 3 times the last trip was 2010. Miami to Colombia is 3.5 hours and Costa Rica 2 hours and both easy trips.Costa Rica is very tropical and Colombia the weather is good but varies from Bogota to say the Atlantic coast..the change is nice. Easier to get around in Costa Rica in Colombia the trip to another larger city a flight is in order an hour or so. Hotels, shopping, food, nightclubs rival the USA in Colombia.
    Two most asked questions…costs a little more in Colombia..the beautiful women,,nice ladies everywhere we go, USA, Costa Rica,. No better than the beautiful, so nice..Gods gift to us.
    ..How can someone find out for themselves..Just learn how to speak and understand Spanish and be yourself and have a good time.

  9. CaliDave says:

    Great posts from everyone! I think the bottom line is, what's your preferrence. I've been to all these places and loved them all when I was there. But I always go back to CR. I personally am more comfortable there. The prices aren't the best in the world, but the women are fuller like I prefer. Nonetheless, the prices sure aren't that high to start with. Admittedly, I love the look of Columbian women. But what do I know, I've only spent my time there in Medellin. Actually, I hate that there aren't more Columbians in CR now. I love there attitudes.
    I will say this, if these are the worst of my problems the rest of my life, God is good!! So, to me, all is pretty good anyway you look at it. Plus many of the prettiest Dominicans come to CR so their families won't find out what they do for a living. And the same goes for other latin women from other countires. Think of plausable deniability(did I spell that right?). Good luck to al of you. Hope you find what you want. I am still looking too.

  10. Thomas, this is a GREAT Website, and you have some awesome articles. I have been going to Costa Rica since 2005 and like most everyone I do plan on retiring there soon. I always stayed at the Hotel Presidente and was a Rail Rat during the day. I meet a guy there that went by Vegas Bill on my first day in town and he took me all around the Gulch and introduced me to everyone and showed me the ropes sort a speak. The NY Bar was his favorite place and it was the first place I went to and took someone back to the Hotel. Thanks for keeping us all informed and up to date on the Life and Times of San Jose.